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/ Series / Love Against the Karaoke Heavens
Love Against the Karaoke Heavens
Love Against the Karaoke Heavens
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If Xi was looking for love—which he isn’t—the very last place he’d think to find it is in the chatroom of his variety stream. Still, it finds him anyway, in the form of a guy shameless enough to defy the heavens.

Features chatroom flamewars, silly banter, hot smut and an overabundance of misused tildes, all in a lightly sketched futuristic setting. Inspired by the author’s deep love for danmei, kpop, and internet slang. All fluff, with any angst just a seasoning to highlight the merciless sweetness. No fat anxiety included.

(RR verification: giant purple cows!!)

Author's note: Running out of translated cnovels to read, I started to write my own. Setting is meant to be far future and handwavily multicultural; you'll notice a bunch of Korean, Chinese and Japanese internet slang and honorifics. The story is basically shameless fluff + dirty sex. Chatlogs are everywhere because why not; if their formatting leaves you confused, check the endnote of the first chapter for an explanation of what is what. Footnotes for terms some readers might not know are included; let me know if I missed anything, or didn't explain anything clearly enough, or got anything wrong.

AdultBoys LoveComedyDramaSci-fiSlice of LifeSmut
Charismatic Protagonist Charming Protagonist Chat Rooms Gamers Handsome Male Lead Love Interest Falls in Love First Male Protagonist Showbiz Younger Love Interests
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Table of Contents
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