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/ Series / Heavenly Soul [BL]
Heavenly Soul [BL]
Heavenly Soul [BL]
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Feng Qinghe, a renowned disciple of the prestigious Heavenly Peak Sect, is used to bearing his burdens alone and throwing himself into danger for others’ benefit. While exploring a hidden realm, his unique way of doing things garners the interest of Wei Xiang, a feared senior officer from the cultivation world’s judicial force, who starts to observe him from the shadows. But the inexplicably astute Feng Qinghe is not an easy person to deal with, while Wei Xiang is found intriguing by the disciple in turn.

After the two become lovers, they aid friends, take on new adventures, and help each other heal from old wounds, all the while growing ever closer to uncovering Feng Qinghe‘s unknown past and the significance of a heavenly soul.

A glimpse into their day-to-day life–

Qinghe, when he is in mortal danger: Oh dear. *sighs* I hope I won’t lose my right arm this time or I can’t help Master with paperwork later.

Qinghe, when his friends are in the slightest trouble: *rushing onward with cold determination* Who has the time to worry about injuries when my friends need me!

Wei Xiang: *lifting him up by the waist* Not so fast, love. Your friends can handle themselves and they have their own powerful lovers to help. They can afford to spare mine when he’s recuperating.

Qinghe: *dangling limply in his hold and blinking entreatingly* But Xiaaang…

Wei Xiang softens and puts Qinghe down, then kisses him on the forehead.

Wei Xiang: How about this? If you agree to rest, I’ll let you have one session with me afterwards.

Qinghe: *perking up* Do you mean a sparring session? Or…

Wei Xiang: *charmed by his enthusiasm* Whichever my darling little lover wants.

Qinghe: *smiling hopefully* Both?

Wei Xiang: *chuckling* Then let’s spar after you get better and the winner this time gets to choose what we do in bed.

Qinghe thus focuses on recovering with single-minded concentration, and later, Wei Xiang happily sacrifices his body and skills to both their enjoyment.

On the other side–

Wei Xiang: *growling* Senior Brother, I warned you that the next time you leave such a big pile of work for me to finish, I’ll make you pay for it in the training arena. *drags him off to spar*

His Senior Brother: *leaving a trail of nail marks on the floor* Junior Brother, mercy! Nooo!!!

The Other Officers: *turning to Qinghe hopefully* Um…aren’t you going to do something about your lover?

Qinghe: Ah? Oh! *takes out a large banner and starts waving it enthusiastically* Xiang, you can do it! My lover is the most handsome! My Xiang is undefeatable!

Wei Xiang pauses terrorizing his senior brother in the guise of training and blows his beloved a kiss.

Everyone: ……

They should’ve known that someone their Senior Officer Wei chose wouldn’t be normal!

ActionAdultBoys LoveComedyFantasyMatureRomanceSmut
Ancient Times Beautiful Couple Calm Protagonist Caring Protagonist Character Growth Clever Protagonist Confident Protagonist Cultivation Cute Protagonist Devoted Love Interests Early Romance Enemies Become Allies First-time Intercourse Handsome Male Lead Human-Nonhuman Relationship Kind Love Interests Past Trauma Power Couple Protagonist Loyal to Love Interest Protagonist Strong from the Start Strong Love Interests Tragic Past Unconditional Love Xianxia
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Table of Contents
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    Status: Main story

    Since the main story is over but it may take a while for all the planned extras to be created (*hopes there will be a lot* xD), I decided to go ahead and write a review to show my appreciation and encourage others to give this a read.

    Now, preferences are a big deal when it comes to enjoying stories and this novel was more or less right up my alley. I'm not really sure how to put it into words... the setting and names say Chinese cultivation, but the relationship dynamics seem quite different from what I've read so far in that genre. No wonder though, cause the author's not from there.... or are you, author-san? XD

    To me, this novel is very wholesome and the fluff is off the charts. I ate so much dog food, I'm not sure if I'm even human anymore xD. But at the same time, there were a few "excuse me wtf" moments and faults in characters' behaviours that beautifully showed that while people aren't perfect, they're growing. I like how this novel generally has a vibe of understanding to it, and empathy for characters in light of their situation and what happened to them in the past. Lol now I kinda wanna copy paste the wall of text I commented after reading the epilogue xD. Well, here we go (I cut the parts that were spoilers) :

    Showing both tragic ordeals characters have/had to go through as well as their healing and finding happiness (again), it made me feel the bittersweet beauty of the characters' lives. It was just so heartwarming to see them growing fond of and coming to love someone; and holding them dear whether their relationship be that of lovers, family, or friends. And it was heartbreaking to discover their sufferings; a lot of them really didn't have it easy in the past. Even so, the story as a whole has a feeling of lightness to it. Similar to the MC's character that can be caring as well as ruthless towards others, the people in this story may be made to feel happiness or pain. However, in both, there's an underlying sense of kindness, goodwill and appreciation for life present. The way the characters interacted with each other, mostly without pretense and with a sense of directness, honesty and sometimes vulnerability really drew me in. It made me feel that despite their status/power/position, they were only human, just like everyone else. When characters made mistakes, they were held accountable but not demonized by the people around them, instead striving to educate them and improve the situation for everyone as much as possible.

    I hope that wasn't spoilerish... please tell me if it was, author-san :).

    Now the characters. The MC is f**king OP xDDD not in an overpowering strength sense (though he's quite good in that area), but more concerning his attitude towards life and people and being able to more or less handle anything that comes his way. Of course, not to such a degree that he'd always come out unharmed - sometimes even the exact opposite. He's very smart, and very calculating, but in a way that almost always benefits the people around him (and himself too of course, though sometimes in a less obvious way). He's just naturally different from other people, and the way he functions and thinks is a mystery to everyone. His personality is quite interesting, and I adore him. Same goes for the ML. And together, they're this OP pair of fluffballs that just can't get enough of each other *squeals* >w<. If you're looking for a novel with a healthy happy relationship, look no further and start reading this xD. There are BL side couples too, and they're all making me swoon in different ways. And bleed from my nose (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) XD if you're a BL beginner, I'd recommend reading sth light first cause this one sure doesn't hide anything xDD. And I'm delighted it doesn't :3 xD they're so wholesome and fluffy, gentle, understanding, protective and supportive owo

    I kinda heard that this novel is too fluffy for some people, and while I personally wouldn't agree, it's true that a lot of drama tropes you see in novels in that genre just aren't present here. Rather than being caused by a select few characters with impossibly troublesome personalities, the conflicts in this novel seem to stem from human nature and life itself, and them being simply not perfect. Accidents and mistakes happen, and sometimes life makes you go through more than you want to handle. But those are also opportunities for growth and development, and the characters showed that beautifully. While there are some dark personalities involved in those conflicts, they still get treated more or less humanely (particularly by the MC. Quite a nice change from the MCs being a walking source of death xD). Well, that being said, the fluff is indeed strong in this one. (▰˘◡˘▰)

    To bring this wall of text to a close: if you find yourself interested in any of the stuff I wrote above, try it out. You might just be the kind of person that will really appreciate it :)

    Tl;dr: 5 stars from me, absolutely love it. Maybe you will too :D

    Read More

    14 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 1: learning from experience

    I have read this book till chapter 30 something and the butterflies in my stomach wont stop fluttering. 

    Although the story is fast paced, it makes sense because the MC is a "no nonsense" person and gets straight to the point. 

    I continuously smile nonstop as I read and close my face when it gets to the exciting parts... I expect more awesome arcs from this book and more wonderful stories from the author... Well done and keep it up.

    Read More

    11 Likes · Like
    Status: completed

    Ahh, I didn't know we could review, for some reason. Anyways, I cannot put into words the mind-blowing-ness of this masterpiece. Where to start... First off, the character development was done masterfully. The gong of this story is not one of those r*pey ones in lots of other stories.  The shou is not one of those lost-all-my-brain-cells-when-it-comes-to-the-gong ones in lots of other stories. The characters make mistakes, acknowledges them and fixes them. (cough cough unlike some others cough cough)

    This story gave me so many metaphorical cavities too! All the interactions are so cute! And maybe smutty too. The adorable scenes made me smile, the sad scenes made me cry.

    I love the extras too. The side pairings were just. Too. Cute! I have read this twice through. Love this story, hope it gets more recognition, love it, bye! Did I say I love it? 

    Read More

    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 1: learning from experience

    Great story love it.

    Read More

    4 Likes · Like
    Status: completed

    Really one of the best stories i've ever read :) I was depressed thinking how not even ONE story could combine smut and consent, I found a treasure here. I love how it's regularly explained, how it's a basics for all the characters, just perfect.I've read a lot of novels and most of them are mistaking exciting s*x with one sided domination, with a "i-say-no-but-i-m-forced-to-and-in-the-end-i-love-it" sh*t. First story I read where a man is able to stop in the middle when the partner changes his mind. How refreshing !

    The side characters are cute, the side couples are great, and the main characters are OP but still human.

    It's all a story about how to respect each other. Really really great, you won't waste your time reading this.

    Read More

    3 Likes · Like
    Status: Finished

    Absolutely amazing. There's no words to say how amazing this story is besides just saying it's amazing. Every single thing about it just makes it so great. The characters and watching them grow as well as seeing their relationships grow is amazing. The character growth is top tier. 

    The writing is top tier. Although I'm no English major with my barely passable English skills I can say that I have never noticed a single mistake or inconsistency in the story. Everything seems to tie together perfectly and just *muah* beautiful. 

    The relationships are my favorite part there's like 3 main relationships and then like a bunch of smaller relationships and every single one is amazing. Like the characters are all so understanding and loveable to their partner. It makes you want to steal their lover but you know you can't cause they love each other too much. Everyone is cute and adorable and amazing and cute and funny and amazing and like freakin adorable it makes me wanna die. 

    I don't even know what to say anymore and it was just so good Imma cry. 

    Read More

    2 Likes · Like
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