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/ Series / The Unified States of Mana
The Unified States of Mana
The Unified States of Mana
169.8k Views 7219 Favorites 236 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 1208 Readers
4.6 (61 ratings)
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My name is Kyra Baker, I’m 20 years old and a university student, and recently I’ve been offered a scholarship to a definitely-not-shady magical academy. A ‘support device’ I was given shows me a list of classes I can take, all involving mana, magic, and Skills with a capital S.

To get there I was lumped into a ship full of strange and alien creatures, jumping between worlds as we pick up more and more hapless ‘students’. Things were starting to make a little sense, until the ship crashed into an alien world.

Now, I might be getting trained as a rebel soldier, or something?

Looking on the bright side, I haven’t gotten this much exercise in a long time and there are plenty of cute girls around. When I develop some Skills and work on my classes, maybe I’ll become strong enough to actually have the time to flirt with them.

~ One of the few surviving records thought to be written by the Empress before her rise to power.

Cover by zaex321123 on DeviantArt

ActionAdventureFantasyGirls LoveHaremLitRPGRomance
Academy Beautiful Female Lead Confident Protagonist Cultivation Demi-Humans Early Romance Empires Fantasy Creatures Female Protagonist Monster Girls Strong Love Interests
Table of Contents 236
Reviews 6
Table of Contents
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    New Kishiyami
    Status: on 173

    What this novel suffers from is the over ambitiousness of the main character and slow progression if the main character started with a more short term goal it wouldn't feel like nothing is being achieved. Yeah?


    They got a city, but not an empire....

    Nel, Love her and eshya is lack luster...

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    0 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 34 ~ garden Edit: Chapter 66 -...

    Liking this a lot, I think the best way to shortly describe it is: "MC gets discreetly sold from earth to a intergalactic and magic North Korea/China called the Unified States, then makes plans to revolt." I think my only complaints are that we can't really see an accurate power scaling here since the actual amount of mana our MC contains jumps around a lot without giving us a total for it, and that our MC isn't using her head more (keep in mind I'm only 30-40 chapters in, it could change), especially when it comes to skills. For example, why hasn't she tried creating a skill for calming herself, or for thinking, or a skill for pulling in mana, or a skill to train her mana? She should be able to create a skill for pretty much anything, and I think the one for pulling in mana is seriously necessary since it seems like skills can be activated even while doing other things, meaning, she can walk and gather mana instead of laying in bed doing it. Anyways, other than that, the series is rather perfect, the pace isn't too fast or slow, characters are being built upon, the worlds being explored enough to flesh it out but isn't going so far that there'll be a lot of or any plot holes, the wording is kept simple without being simplified making it easy to read and there are of course, no grammatical errors that stick out and make me feel like bleaching my eyes like when someone who has barely spoken or written English tries to write a story in English. Simply put, it's really good and worthy of a 5 star.

    Edit: I'm here to edit this now that I'm around chapter 60, I'm specifically at chapter 66 now, however, what I wish to address is chapter 62, and how absolutely amazing it is. If I could give it a 6 star at this point, I would. After waiting many, many chapters, Kyra, our MC, who had up to this point in the series felt like she was dragging her feet a few cm at a time to get along, has done the equivalent of dragging her feet a one moment and jumping 5 feet forward the next, and having read a few chapters ahead, it's just going up, and I am here for it. It feels like she won't just lose all the time now and like her goals will genuinely be something she can grasp onto. She's also realized she's not being as efficient as she should be and is actually working to fix it! I feel like her power will actually increase now. Also, good on the author, around chapters 40-50, it became much easier to determine Kyra's total power level by giving us a total efficiency of her mana use, and a few other percentages which fleshed out the mana enhancements. Overall, still loving this, rather, I'm loving it even more now!

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 176 ~ a week away

    I have many issues with this story; I think it's a really enjoyable concept, loved the characters, and thought the writing was well done but the pacing crawls and the tone of the story feels all over the place. The brutality of the story feels as though it tries to toe the line between appropriate and inappropriate and constantly ends up on the side of the latter. Thematically I think the portrayal of the characters' traumas feels true to life but at the same time it feels like the characters never grow, I think in part because the pace of the story is so glacial. I would enjoy a cliff notes version of this story much more than the story itself.

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    1 Likes · Like

    I'm not gonna lie the title intrigued me when I saw it on novel updates. And the summary Is also interesting, I can't wait to find out how she got to be the "empress".

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: prologue ~ jump

    I have quite enjoyed this so far and recommend it.  I'm at episode 43 thus far.  My only frustration is I want certain things to happen, but they must evolve on their own. Hee.

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    1 Likes · Like

    Yeah the synopsis alone got me interested the title even more so looking forward to the journey read ch.1-3 and liking it so far

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