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/ Series / Danmachi: Westward Cloud [Complete]
Danmachi: Westward Cloud [Complete]
Danmachi: Westward Cloud [Complete]
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4.2 (145 ratings)
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After pulling several overnighters **** *** falls down a broken elevator shaft and gets reborn.
Chosen for a purpose by a goddess who by chance plucked up from cycle of samsara. He tries to live a grand life but for such a life hardship is sure to come to him as fate has plans for him.

This is my first novel I post out there. This site is also the only place I am releasing.
Also the cover isn't mine just gave it a different filter and slapped on the title.

It also should be obvious but I don't own the series just the characters I made.

Schedule: No more, the story is finished.

Accelerated Growth Adventurers Age Progression Cautious Protagonist Character Growth Child Protagonist Dungeons Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World God-human Relationship Magic Monsters R-18 Reincarnated into Another World Reincarnation Spear Wielder Spirits Sword Wielder Time Skip
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    Status: [vol.2] quest 140- chaos

    The story is frustrating in many parts. One of which is that it starts out very well! Then it starts to go down. However, I will focus on the MC. 

    The MC is basically an adult, that forgets he's an adult halfway through the story. It's hard to understand an adult seeking power in a war zone not understanding that their will be horrible situations he will find himself in. The MC doesn't embrace his "apparent" blood lust and it becomes a crux of the story. I say apparent because his actions in the war are hidden from the main story. The MC is ordered to fight and kill to grow stronger. The MC accepts and demands the responsibility for growth. The MC is ordered to go and travel. The MC goes and travels to a war zone to get stronger. The MC accepts punishments to appease people. Accepting getting hurt by others to atone for what he believes is bad but he never forgives himself. He's not a beta MC but definitely a Very passive MC that allows others to dictate what happens. I had to stop reading as I couldn't handle the passiveness and whiny nature of the MC. 

    Update : cheated and looked ahead in the story - MC is definitely a beta

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    Status: [vol.2] quest 127.6- childhood crush

    I wrote a long and nuanced review and crashed so simply put, bad english, and 120 chapters in and no improvement, shallow oc's, simplified canon characters, mangled half baked facts from source, insane stat growth for a rather meh power level, danmachi story with MC surrounded by women, but no harem, single oc man with single oc woman. And I doubt its pg18, more like pg15. Its not a fight story, fight scenes are bad, same for romance 99% of the time, the power fantasy is also rather shallow, its not a harem, or a r18, it seems like it wants to be all of them, and set it up to be them, then chickened out halfway with all of them except power fantasy, which its bad at since the others distract so much, and


    the MC chucks leveling up like he used to for no real reason and levels only a tiny bit above others, as opposed to the double he used to. High 2 maybe a 3 star if the English is ever fixed. 

    Edit:  Turns out that the Astraea familia dies anyways like canon for plot and gut punch later. 193.x and 200-203 so it doesn't even get to be a happy story.


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    9 Likes · Like
    Status: quest 2- dungeon preparation

    Now I am only in chapter 2 so I cant say much about the story besides the fact that it sounds interesting. However the reason I am dropping this fic is because of the writing style. The Author should try to use more show than tell. 

    For example in chapter 2 the author writes "Before going to bed, Fels asked what weapon Cirrus would like to use, and like any child, he picked a sword" The author could have actually wrote this scene but did not. But the story does sound interesting.

    Although to be fair I have not read far at all and for all I know this will be better later in the story so take this review so seriously. I just dont feel like reading more because of how rushed the begining felt. 

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    Status: quest 7

    English is not my primary language, so I will keep it short.

    This novel is the best Danmachi fanfiction I ever read. 

    • Instead of reincarnate on the timeline where Bell Cranel starts his story, the main character reincarnate in the era where family of Zeus and Hera failed to kill Black Dragon.
    • A lots of original character is in the novel.

    This novel is very fresh and interesting to read, so it is worth to give it a try. Although I haven't complete reading the whole chapter, but I didn't found any 'toxic point' until now! :D

    PS: Nice work author, keep it on! ;D

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: [vol.3] quest 286- outside orario-...

    The best Danmachi fan fics I read. Its stands apart from every danmachi fan fic as it feels like the author knows where he is going and is not just this never ending "Every hole is the goal" kind of story.

    I also appreciate that not every girl the MC meets that they are not just waifu to collect (not counting the Amazoness) and are like friends with him.

    The author also sticks within the rules of the series and just doesnt add in a needless system when their are already one in the series.

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    Status: quest 76- mountains with no...

    Sorry for any spelling mistakes, the entire message was translated by [Google Translator].

    The story in general is very good and fluid to read, the only problem, at least for me, is the lack of approximation between the protagonist and ANY character, whether traveling companions or family members.

    We don't know if person X likes something or not, even his (possible) romantic interest doesn't have one because she likes the protagonist or a moment to interact and this is something that happens to all characters, including caregivers (adoptive parents?) of the protagonist.

    To be honest, the story is good, it's just this little review that makes me like this wonderful story a little less.

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    Status: c184

    Ok, where should I start? 

    This fic is not perfect, there are mistakes here are there, some worse than others, but there are positives

    Let start listing down what I like about this fic first..

    1. The way the author incorporates original storylines or arcs into his fic so smoothly, like the sealed giant monsters that the MC fought is one such example and probably my fav arc

    2. This is probably the one of the very few fics that covers the dark ages of Orario (time period where Zeus and Hera just got kicked out of Orario) and I like it, it feels unique as most Danmachi fics follows the time period where Bell just entered Orario, and the author even took the time to try to make it as accurate to the source, or at least he tried or put in effort

    3. The amount of chapters and the author's dedication to continue writing, like holy crap, 300 chapters?! I can only think of one other Danmachi fanfic that can top that, the author is a writing machine

    Now for the negatives...

    1. Too many curses/bad words... like holy sh*t the MC curses a lot in this fanfic... there was one chapter in particular where the MC said the word "f**k" 28 times.....28 TIMES!!!! I've read hundreds of novels but I never seen a single chapter where someone would curse SO DAMN MUCH!

    And its not just one chapter, , ITS EVERY f**kING CHAPTER, , , IM NOT KIDDING, the MC on average CURSES like 5-8 times EVERY CHAPTER... the MC on this fic doesn't just have a mouth of a sailor, he has a mouth of the entire navy army... AUTHOR! I implore you to just tone the f**k down all these curses, its getting f**kING annoying!

    2. One problem that I have is that why the f**k is MC so damn weak?! I mean for his level. He has ZZZ-level status but somehow I don't recall him performing a feat that can makes him look like he can battle monsters/people above his level. The MC should've clapped Alfia and Zald when he was level 7. Note that the Zald and Alfia that the MC fought is supposed to be no longer in their prime, or else Ottar would have never defeated Zald and Astraea familia would never beat Alfia in the original story

    but somehow OUR DEAR MC WHO HAS STATS BEYOND THE S-LEVEL AND WAS ALSO LEVEL 7 got pushed back instead, even his girlfriend, an OC, named Ai, who mind you, doesn't have any cheats but did better than him and she was only level fricking 5, at least that how I remember it and speaking of Ai, this brings me to my next complaint.

    3. What the f**k... why is the MC's girlfriend, an OC named Ai, so fricking broken? She doesn't ahve any cheat skills but why do I feel like the author kept handing her powerups for no reason? 

    let me give you an example, this character reach level fricking 5 in just 4 years and then level 6 later in the arc...I don't think even Ais' leveling speed is as fast as hers and Ais is supposed to be very talented in Danmachi standards, so does that mean Ai is more talented that Ais? And guess what? This Ai character somehow was able to fight off Alfia one on one while being level 5 or was it 6? I don't remember well but I know that the author is just bullsh*tting this character's power progression just so she won't be left behind by MC.

    4. And lastly, the author is just f**king coward mate, for the first 50 or maybe 100 chapters, he set this fanfic up to have this harem-like feeling but backed out for no reason... like yeah, I've read up to 180+ chps. and no harem yet, look, I know that this has no harem tag but when the author wrote the first 50 or so chapters, he was definitely setting this fanfic up to be a harem and suddenly backed out for some reason

    That was the feeling that I got from reading this and I was so disappointed, like bruh, it was like someone promising to give you cake but gave a loaf of bread instead

    And that's all for my review, maybe I'll update this when I read more chapters and I might change some of my opinions

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    Status: [vol.2] quest 199- next phase...

    The story very enjoyable. I had a very fun read with it. The early parts of the story are very interesting to go through with plenty of world building and some side characters that show up later on. Their not always important but they do have their own lives. The story also stays as true to the source material as they could with the MC doing as the gods tell him to as that is how it goes in Danmachi.

    The writing is also very good, grammar has gotten better. Plenty of dialog of characters talking with one another.

    The MC in particular is very interesting in that he acts like a normal person who has our worlds morals. When he first takes a human life it greatly affects him and even more so with the actions he takes to rationalize what he did. He like many underestimate how brutal war can be and just suffers because of it, he blames himself for it and it sticks with far into the story. All in all the MC does have a anger issue which could be because of trauma or maybe something the author gave him in reference to the hero he was based off.

    Another part of the story that I really like are the small details. A lot of the story you really do need to read it through, if you skim through it.

    A complaint I do have is that the MC does complaint a bit but who doesn't complain and doesn't sound annoying?

    The romance in this series is also done very well, not to cringe.

    All in all this is probably o e of the best Danmachi fanfic out there. Comparatively the MC isn't always after evert girl in the series and wanting to add them to his harem. It's a good change of pace.

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    Status: quest 89- leaving again

    an enjoyable story. Really like that it steps away from the harem focus of most danmachi story's. Character development is solid so far. The fights are fun and not too repetitive. While the MC is powerful they are definitely not invincible or world breaking so far. The way they portray the world is well done. Updates very consistently. The romance aspect while definitely not the main focus is pretty good and not done in a cringy or rushed and unnatural way. So all in all a pretty well rounded story

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    Status: quest 68 - grand spectacle

    At first the short chapters at the front may looks concerning Fret not!! 

    After several chapters ahead its not that shorts The time skip part maybe confusing but ehh its a necessary I guessIts just I hope at the beginning author did some story background for several characters for readers not to be confusedAlthough after all thatThe story, plot, character development is very spot onI enjoyed themAs his power and all is not breaking danmachi rules and no nonsenseAlthough I'm slightly concern about the romance part, lot of stories fell apart in bringing good romanceOverall 10/10

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