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/ Series / Fusion Reincarnation
Fusion Reincarnation
Fusion Reincarnation
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This story revolves around Rivera Ryu. A reincarnated person. Before reincarnation, his soul was divided into two parts residing in two different bodies. One being Mizutani Ryu a Highschool boy and One inside Demon lord Mictian .
Memories of only one part get transferred but personality is a mix of both.
The Goddess who reincarnated him didn't give him a Goal saying "If it is you, I believe you will find the purpose". Getting in a troublesome situation as soon as reincarnated.
The protagonist takes a vow "If it is a new world, I will set my own Goals".

Adventurers Antihero Protagonist Aristocracy Beastkin Character Growth Comedic Undertone Crazy Protagonist Cultivation Cunning Protagonist Demi-Humans Demon Lord Demons Doting Parents Dungeon Master Dungeons Evil Gods Fantasy Creatures Level System Monsters Multiple POV Nobles Reincarnation Unique Weapon User Unique Weapons Weak to Strong
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