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/ Series / Reversal
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3.7 (83 ratings)
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"We have in the studio Christian Grey, who won his fifth Oscar award yesterday"
"Madam President... that man is not someone we can play with"
"Goddamn it! We're the goddamn mafia, and we still can't attract one man?"
"My children, whoever can marry that man will inherit all my wealth"
"Forbes magazine has proclaimed Christian Grey as the most influential man in the world"

Christian Grey is the most desired man in the world, a man every woman would kill to have his hand with.
One of the world's most successful and perfect man, but is he really as perfect as everyone believes?
Follow the life of Christian Grey, a young man reincarnated in an upside down world where women are the dominant sex.
A world where men are valued for their appearances, pursued and taken advantage of by women.

#Incest #War #Gore #Tragedy

ActionDramaEcchiHaremMatureRomanceSlice of LifeSupernatural
Harem-seeking Protagonist Incest Overpowered Protagonist R-18 Reincarnation Sister Complex Weak to Strong
Table of Contents 294
  1. 10 YearsOct 21, 2022
  2. Battle royale?Oct 17, 2022
  3. TrainingOct 14, 2022
  4. The bird leaves its nestOct 13, 2022
  5. Slice of lifeOct 11, 2022
  6. Hannah’s familyOct 9, 2022
  7. VisitOct 7, 2022
  8. MadisonOct 5, 2022
  9. InterviewOct 4, 2022
  10. Notice updates (Important)Oct 2, 2022
  11. KissSep 30, 2022
  12. WorkSep 30, 2022
  13. Love?Sep 27, 2022
  14. TravelSep 25, 2022
  15. ZPESep 24, 2022
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      It has all the tropes that we are all already tired of... it does not explore nothing new and doesn't develope anything of the old.

      It had me alternating between cringy and boring since the powers came up, and dropped it in the jail arc.

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      6 Likes 路 Like
      Status: latest

      Love this novel!! But god like villans are necessary here for the novel to be more interesting. Someone from the review gave this novel 3 stars just because MC doesn't give a sh*t about about the Ukraine-Russia war 馃槅 and I never laughed so hard reading it. I guess some people forget that 60-70% people of the world doesn't give a sh*t about what's happening in a country with little to no geopolitical significance. They just want 2 times food a day. They don't have time for this sh*t. And lastly wars in Europe is pretty common.

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      6 Likes 路 Like
      Status: c150

      Synopsis: An individual is born into a world where women have become the dominant s*x because of the introduction of a hormone that physically weakens men and strengthens women. The protagonist embarks on a path to change the world, but soon finds that corruption is far more prevalent and insidious than he's ever realized.

      Review: This is a 3.4 star story (within the Scribble Hub amateur community. As a professional work, I would evaluate it somewhere between 1.5 stars to 2.0 stars).

      Chapters Read: About 15 chapters per tab with 10 tabs, I estimate 150 chapters read.

      Genre: Superpowered Rebirth Fantasy

      Positive Points:

      1. The protagonist does eventually encounter real problems. Thus the challenges are extensive.

      2. Some of the character emotional states expand beyond mere information about the existence of said emotional states and actually explores them. But only some.

      3. The world is, in the most general sense, interesting to explore despite negative points to follow.

      4. There IS exploration of the internal landscape of the protagonist, which is a big plus.

      Negative Points:

      1. Lack of dialogue tags (who is talking). Just about every possible or conceivable orthographic and punctuation mistake imaginable despite the valiant efforts of a proofreader.

      2. Sentence structure and specificity require extensive line editing. (That car in the corner that is blue was discovered by me.聽 vs. I found the blue BMW in the corner.)

      3. Dialogue is mostly a series of bland sounding boards or consists of a protagonist's monologue. There are exceptions to this point.

      4. Lack of significant description... everywhere. Story could have been written in a series of white/empty boxes with labels: House, car, hotel, New York, jail, cell, room. Few efforts are made toward character resonance with setting or vice versa.

      5. Exploration of the internal human condition is hampered by the lack of depth of said exploration. This is the most important aspect of any work, but this work's effort is clumsy, at best.

      6. Onomatopoeia hell. Holy f*ck. Entire paragraphs of "bang bang bang" and "boom boom boom."聽 Incredibly lazy writing.

      7. This work feels more like an outline or an instruction booklet. It lacks content. Here, an exaggerated example of what I mean:

      Duck found ticket. Duck inspect ticket. Duck discovers the ticket is red. Duck drop ticket.


      Some sort of cardboard flap struck Duck across his mouth. He fell ass-backward, right off the walking path and into Mrs. Jefferson's prized rose bush. The piece-of-sh*t bush... err... gorgeous example of flowering beauty.... welcomed him with the dubious embrace of its many, long thorns. Needless to say, Duck's reaction was somewhere between a cry of pain and indignant squawk. Duck searched for the culprit, and there it was. The cardboard... ticket? He extricated wings and feathers from the piece-of-sh*t bush... err... definitely pretty rose plant and reached for the ticket. It was red. The word "TICKET" screamed at him in bold white letters. Nothing else was written on it; directions, explanation... nothing. Duck stuck the ticket on the piece-of-sh*t bush and waddled away toward the pond. Life sometimes just sucked tickets and roses.

      Neutral Points:

      The Over Powered trope. The protagonist is a: Gorgeous, genius plagiarists, mathematician, investor, social activist, richest-man-alive. His superpowers are: A. Sense truth. B. Hyper intelligence. C. Perfect recall D. Future knowledge E. Clairvoyance F. Minor Regeneration G. Rage Mode H. Calm heart聽 (as inconsistent as that sounds coming right after Rage Mode). I. Enhanced Smell J. Animal Companion K. TBD- Probably a few more abilities that have blurred together.

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      3 Likes 路 Like
      Status: warning (this is not a...

      If you like tragedy and feeling depressed, this story accomplishes it.

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      3 Likes 路 Like
      Status: c204

      Amazing story everyone has to read聽聽

      Let's talk about story - it's about world where genders are reversed in world like this. A boy reincarnated form normal world to reversed world and it's story about his adventure. Let's talk about character like he won't be a simp. He will not go around and f**k evey woman he sees. This story contain little supernatural powers.聽

      Let's review it-

      Story- 4.6

      Characters- 4.8

      Future building- 5

      Characters development- 4.8

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      3 Likes 路 Like
      Status: dropped

      All I am asking is where are the tags for trauma?all those tags above are misleading, at least in the early parts.I didn't sign up for fking my mental health after reading this.I was a happy person before I started reading this sh*t now I am depressed. Author have a conscience and add some proper tags so that you won't victimize your future readers.

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      2 Likes 路 Like
      Status: warning (this is not a...

      I just came from webnovel to say that this novel is amazing, for people who don't like tragedy and hesitate to read the novel because of that (I also hesitated at first), I personally HATE tragedy, but not this time I regret having it read this novel, if the tragedy makes you not want to start then you will miss an incredible novel, little spoiler, only someone close to the protagonist dies, it is the only tragedy he has. (Sorry if something is not understood, I'm translating, I speak Spanish xD)

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      2 Likes 路 Like
      Status: chp 178

      Really good novel, It make you enjoy every chapter, I give It 10/10.

      More details? Go read and enjoy as well!

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      2 Likes 路 Like
      Status: genius

      Two stars, one for each year of the characters mental acuity and emotional control after reincarnating. The author does have a note about how this is done for characterisation and growth, but honestly it鈥檚 not enjoyable to slog through, maybe it鈥檒l get better after I get further into it and I鈥檒l adjust my rating accordingly.

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      1 Likes 路 Like
      Status: agonizing pain

      Ill just leave this comment as it perfectly describes what I'm feeling right now 

      MomoshSep 14, 2022

      "What you said is right but f*ck you this my reaction to you for killing the MC sister

      Also thank you for your hard work I will drop th novel here my heart can't take it anymore"

      I never signed up for trauma so early in the novel. Fix the tags, please.

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