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/ Series / Is it Wrong that I Woke Up in Danmachi as the Main Character?
Is it Wrong that I Woke Up in Danmachi as the Main Character?
Is it Wrong that I Woke Up in Danmachi as the Main Character?
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4.7 (42 ratings)
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Bell Cranel was rejected by every familia he tried to join until he met Hestia. In a few, he was rejected quite violently. And in one particular instance, he was thrown out and bashed his head against a wall.

Well, that's apparently where I come in. Not sure how and why I'm here. Not even sure who 'I' really am at this point since Bell's memories are definitely clearer than 'mine'... But I guess we're doing this.

Hopefully I've got some useful cheats. Maybe? :fingerscrossed:


Bad habits be bad, yo.

A Danmachi SI fanfic that I started writing for practice. I've got a decent chunk written out, so I'll be posting this whenever I can't update something else. Very much an exploratory fanfic, so I make zero promises on things sticking close to canon. Daily updates until I run out of stockpile in about a month from whenever this first chapter is published. Enjoy it until then.

FanfictionSlice of Life
Cheats Childcare Conditional Power Confident Protagonist Cute Children Divine Protection Dungeons Fast Learner Game Elements God-human Relationship Lack of Common Sense Previous Life Talent Reincarnated into Another World Skill Assimilation Skill Creation
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Table of Contents
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    New Sazuki
    Status: c28

    It's a great story, though it's a fan fiction the originality was overwhelming, I cheer for you to continue this thanks for the chapters

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    1 Likes · Like
    New Ihatecertainmcs
    Status: c16

    It's very good, it shows the mechanics of some skills and magics while maintaining most personalities of the characters in the original timeline, I also like that little reference of Fate in some chapters.

    Characters - Pretty much the same, I think.


    Bell did change though, he got buffer and taller, became more matured and more intelligent.


    The author also put details in whatever he make, and the way he does things like his personal magic and skills, example. 


    Quantum Magic, kinda like quantum physics, haven't seen a novel that use those kinds of things.


    The Acton scenes are also pretty okay, not too bad. Overall, I rate it a good 5 stars 

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: 9 – is it wrong to accidentally...

    IT'S GREAT! At least for me. It's a fun read tbh, though it's only been 10 chapters as I reviewed. 

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    3 Likes · Like
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