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Poison City
Poison City
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Greed, Resentment, Ignorance.

Poison City is one with a long and mysterious history, with three distinct districts surrounding the beautiful and ever so tranquil Lake Aqiu.

Wealth is the symbol of the Northern District, one of plenty and opportunities.

Innovation knows no bounds in the South-Western District, an area of youth, passion and minds.

The preservation of rich history and tradition is the pride of the South-Eastern District, it’s a people of culture and familial pride.

Layers and layers of scars growing on top of each other, still the festering wounds go unhealed. Generations passed, and blood and pus became the norm.

Detective Marcus Cai had spent the entirety of his career trying to keep the fragile peace while attempting to find his own. But to find it, it seemed, required him to venture deep into the unknown and the formerly invisible and untouchable.

Content Warning: This novel has traumatizing content involving dark subjects and heinous abuses and crimes.

(If you would like to support me and my work, please subscribe to my patreon: Egao Chan)

ActionFantasyHorrorMartial ArtsMysterySupernatural
Demons Detectives Dragons Ghosts Modern Day
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