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/ Series / Chronicles of Shadows – Book 1: The Child of the Eastern Dragon (BL)
Chronicles of Shadows – Book 1: The Child of the Eastern Dragon (BL)
Chronicles of Shadows – Book 1: The Child of the Eastern Dragon (BL)
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Wen Liang is a forensic anthropologist (professor and working in museums) who lives in Hong Kong and is obsessed with his work, yes, he is a Workaholic. He has been a lonely person since his parents died, and he isn’t interested in maintaining long-lasting relationships.

When he was a kid he loved a series of criminal investigations what as going on in England, that he is a fan of a forensic investigator in Charleston County, it was at that time that he was inspired and eventually loved career as a forensic anthropologist.

The name of the series is "Archived Cases of the United Kingdom," which was told in the noir style, with that somber air and background music that gets on the nerves.

So one fine day after going to sleep, he woke up in a very cold forest and clearly not in China anymore, still wearing his favorite pajamas, he just didn’t understand what was happening.

Until he finally found a road and a local cop helped him to go somewhere safe.

Finally, he realized, after not being able to understand the police officer because he spoke a different language, that he was in a world totally different from his, or at least, he was no longer in China.

Edmund Lockwood is a forensic investigator for 10 years, is now 35 years old and remains single, always worried about his work and a little disillusioned by life, until he is in charge of helping this mysterious man who, according to documentary records, doesn’t exist in this world, which can be a case of human trafficking or identity exchange.

As the investigation unfolds, Edmund was responsible for helping this mysterious man adapt to Charleston and assist in his investigation, since Edmund Lockwood was one of the few people Mandarin-speaking in the police office, of course, besides the interpreter.

Wen Liang doesn’t believe that really he entered the world of his favorite series! And he's living with his favorite character, the wonderful, handsome Edmund!

A world similar to his original world, but at the same time was very different, especially when Wen Liang discovers the secret of his idol... Edmund is not human! Edmund is from the race called Shadow!

This was strange but even stranger than discovering that his favorite character is not human is finding out that he is attracted to this supernatural being!

Things only get worse when a terrible crime takes place in the village of Charlene and Edmund has to travel to the small village to help investigate the crime, leading Wen Liang along with him, unfortunately, discovered that the murdered victim is a Shadow of an aristocratic family.

Was there any organization hunting the Shadows?

Does this have anything to do with the transmigration of Wen Liang?

What is this legend of the east dragon that came into the world to free the sons of the serpent god?

Wen Liang just wants to return to his original and normal world!

Boys LoveFantasyMysteryRomanceSci-fiSlice of LifeSmutSupernatural
Alternate World Animal Characteristics Anti-social Protagonist Aristocracy Arrogant Characters Artifact Crafting Assassins Awkward Protagonist Beastkin Bloodlines Calm Protagonist Character Growth Clumsy Love Interests Cohabitation Couple Growth Demi-Humans Detectives Dragons Human-Nonhuman Relationship Investigations Mythology
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