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/ Series / Omniversal Mercenary: Marvel, HOTD, Demon Slayer, MHA
Omniversal Mercenary: Marvel, HOTD, Demon Slayer, MHA
Omniversal Mercenary: Marvel, HOTD, Demon Slayer, MHA
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4.3 (77 ratings)
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Arthur, a crippled guy, after many struggles, sacrifices, and finally his death becomes an Omniversal Mercenary.
A job that gave expected or even unexpected rewards upon completion of the objectives.
Now he gives his all to complete the missions and take back everything he lost... while also conquering a few anime girls...?
[First World]: [ Marvel ] (a short mission, here)
[Second World]: [ HOTD - High School Of The Dead ] (long mission)
[Third World]: [Demon Slayer]
[Fourth World]: [My Hero Acadamia]
[Fifth World]: [ MCU x X-men ]
Tags: [Action] [Romance] [Gray MC] [Strong MC] [Multiverse] [R-18] [World Hopping] [Slice of Life] [Omniverse]
Discord Link:
Some important things :
1. English isn't my first language. So, try to overlook or help me fix a few mistakes that might occur by mentioning them in the chapter's comment section. I will fix it ASAP.
2. Yes, again. There will be a Harem in this novel, but only One or Two girls from a particular world. No Pokemon Harem - proper romance will be there.
3. MC will not be a Slave to the System or Missions.
4. There will be occasional adult scenes in this novel.
5. No Rape, No NTR, No Yuri, No Yaoi...
6. Chapter Length = 1300~1600 Words. Sometimes even longer chapters will be released.
Also, the art is not mine. I got it from google. If the creator sees this and wants credit or wants me to take it down, just let me know.
This is just a fan-fiction. Please know I claim no ownership or credit regarding the original characters.

ActionAdultEcchiFanfictionHaremIsekaiRomanceSlice of LifeSmut
Demon Slayer High school of the dead Marvel MHA My Hero Academia
Antihero Protagonist Apathetic Protagonist Apocalypse Based on an Anime Beautiful Female Lead Cautious Protagonist Clever Protagonist Confident Protagonist Cunning Protagonist Determined Protagonist Genius Protagonist Male Protagonist Omegaverse Overpowered Protagonist R-18 Ruthless Protagonist Transported into Another World Weak to Strong World Hopping World Travel Yandere Zombies
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      Status: serious

      An MC who loses his world, his love, dies and wants revenge. A classic formula that would have made it boring but the MC changes it. His character, mindset are so different that gives this story a surprise effect. The MC uses his brain and plans ahead like a villain but he ain't one, so a antihero type of guy.

      Anyway, like the style, keep up the writing.

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