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Town Builder
Town Builder
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Confined to a fantasy game world the MC needs to adapt. His path to returning to the real world lies in establishing a town and making it grow. Somewhere along the way the lines between what is real and fantasy begin to blur.

© Copyrighted by AlwaysRollsAOne All Rights Reserved

Army Building Character Growth Crafting Determined Protagonist Gamers Human-Nonhuman Relationship Kingdom Building Level System Sword And Magic Transported into a Game World
Table of Contents 49
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Table of Contents
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    Status: undefined

    for now the story is getting started but looks promising. An interesting world building with characters starting to take shape. I just hope that the character progression will not be helped too much by plot armor, nor that he will be op.

    Thank you for this interesting start, author. Hoping that the sequel will be as good or even better.

    Sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes.

    Best wishes.

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    Status: chapter 37 the npc auction

    The book is great so far the only downsides I have on the top of my head throughout the whole book I noticed 2 or 3 grammar mistakes and a lack of chapters recently as for the past few chapters it's been 1 chapter a week which is fair and all hense why I'm not giving a lower review it would be nice though if you could up that to at least 3 a week please and thank you 

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