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/ Series / Dual Class [LitRPG] – Current Vol 4
Dual Class [LitRPG] – Current Vol 4
Dual Class [LitRPG] – Current Vol 4
733.7k Views 24727 Favorites 293 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 2276 Readers
4.3 (136 ratings)
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What is a city boy to do when he wakes up in a white room with nothing and no one in it? All that greets him is a blue screen flashing with one word. "Welcome"

In this story of wise cracks and wide spread murdering, Drake is forced to face old traumas and find his way in the new world of a merged planet forced by the system. He will find enemies and allies aplenty. Even some he would have never expected. 

His decisions will shape the future of his planet and journey in this new wild landscape that the system has brought.

With God and Anime on his side- Oh and some spotty game knowledge- he must forge his own path. But first. He needs to get through this damned tutorial in one piece, and figure out how his damned spell works.

New Chapters are posted Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6 PM EST.
OG Cover Art is done by my wonderful friend Caneera you can find her at for all types of commissions.

This is a story I've decided to write because my endless fantasies of chuunibyou like proportions could not stay in my head any longer. I've just wanted to make a story I can make some cringe jokes in and this is the result. I really do hope people will enjoy it as I really do enjoy writing it, and will keep writing it. If you can catch some of the references I would love to hear it. Love and Peace! Just not in this story. If any of the tags currently don't make sense they are for later down the line so I don't have to add them later.

If you would like to read ahead, you can find my patreon at the end of any of the chapters!

Still slightly janky but here is the discord if you wish to join.

You can also find the story on webnovel if you wish.

You may also shitpost on the sub-reddit if you would like here,
What you can expect - 

Lots of cringy jokes

Weak to strong MC

Tutorial that has classes, skills, and items given by rolling

Slight slow burn..?/Slowburn

More cringy anime jokes

Eventual romance and harem but not a singular focus on it

Eventual kingdom building and child rearing

A fun time

Apocalypse Beasts Betrayal Character Growth Chuunibyou Comedic Undertone Demi-Humans Dragons Dwarfs Elemental Magic Elves Gore Magic Monster Girls Multiple POV Non-human Protagonist Stoic Characters Unique Weapon User Weak to Strong
Table of Contents 293
Reviews 17
Table of Contents
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    New Zalaint
    Status: chapter 273: volume 3 finale – and i...

    I really enjoyed the first 3 volumen of the story.

    The world building is fantastic, the characters are awesome and are really funny to read.

    For me the mc's character developmemt is one of the best that i've read.

    I laugh, suffer, smile and empathize with him.

    I can see all the effort that the author put with this novel and the result is really high.

    Give It a try, you don't regret to read.


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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 9

    I give it 2 stars for good grammar and good effort. MC is an idiot to put it easy. Selects mage but acts like a warrior. Doesn't learn from past mistakes but keeps making them. If you are a fan of idiots being mc's. Then you will like this story. System or guide is meh at best. Personally MC should be killed off and story should jump to another character's pov and start "semi-fresh". With comments that criticize the story the author will block you after insulting you as well.

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    35 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 58: the sponsors.

    Story is ok but have flaws and is very slow. Stop reading cause MC sucks and talk alot nonsense.

    MC duel class is not something new and interesting. His mage class give him elements which is quite normal. While the warrior class is useless, just make him more tanky. He is just an elemental monk...

    MC get legendary item and cant use....

    Alot of skills are just passive and of no use, probably cause MC has alot of skill slots.

    Also lv 1 to 10 very boring cause only got 1 skill and MC repeats it. Like wtf wasted about 30 chapters.

    Also alot of filler dialogue about MC talking nonsense.  MC is also annoying and dumb. 

    MC after duel class LV very slows, should be faster. As even if double exp required, the monster are higher lv and gives more exp. MC LV like 4 times slower.

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    22 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 1 : welcome

    i liked it more it was a good read the only thing I didn't like was the personality of the MC I think it's very boring and the comedy spoils the story because he seems like he doesn't take the fights seriously making boring and annoying jokes he looks like a boring kid who doesn't shut up and I don't want to change that, I don't know and because I'm old but I find it unbearable that he doesn't take something that could make him lose his life seriously making jokes and acting on impulse and not persar, and also because of his personality of not shutting up and rationalizing him losing information that was just for him not to take it as a joke, like in the beginning that he kept making jokes with the ADM irritating her not to give information and wasting time for questions. I found the universe interesting but I think what spoils this story is the MC who doesn't take anything seriously and keeps making boring reference jokes and all the time being foser one time or another would be good but all the time makes him look like a child and not an adult from 26 - 27 years old.

    may have some errors due to being in google translator

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    12 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 35: that's new....?

    Was a great story but in a few chapters went straight downhill:

    -a "pet archetype" is introduced (this alone deserves a 1 star) and more or less takes over all intelligent thought in MC's head (what is worse than "pet archetype"? "Pet archetype" + author self insert (at least Im lead to assume this is the case as "The Thing" says you are stupid to this point everything that you did was stupid do what I want you to and MC is like "sure"))

    -luck and RNG is kind of important but the good luck MC got to offset his triple nat 1 is brushed under the bed as bad and you can't use this.

    -after searching for good skill stones the abovementioned "pet archetype" forces MC in a scene of great character assassination to use the crap common and uncommon ones (he wasn't even struggling to survive or anything like that it made him use one and then "author totally not bs" turned him into a skill junkie)

    TLDR; Starts good --> "pet archetype" is introduced --> all goes downhill --> I write angy rewiev --> you are reading this --> now

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 88: tom’s special power.

    pretty good novel!

    binge-read it in one sitting and didn't even notice the time.

    MC is pretty enjoyable with his hilarious meme and anime references, I just hope that in the future chaps there will be more hints of romance and that the author wont drop this series

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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 180: containing the beast

    I read a lot of negative reviews which turned me off from this story initially but after a while I gave it a go and it turns out that I really enjoyed it. 

    I love the MC is quite funny but I get that he probably isn't for everyone. I like the mix of action and worldbuilding. I love how the characters feel believable to me and they don't all act like the are children. Even the characters (mc) who do act like children you can see it's more of a coping mechanism for what's going on than anything else. Under the hood they are enjoyable and believable.

    All in all I would recommend for people who like the whole week to strong MC type stories. I saw they had a tag for Harem but so far I haevan't seen it and the author has mentioned that they don't really want to write explicit content.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 128

    4. Something Stars [Round Up] (Made a chapter 128) (At the time of writing that chapter isn't available on scribble but I won't be spoiling anything)

    Duel Dual Class is a lot of fun. 

    Action is good, plot is interesting and story has developed in neat way, and with recent revelations, I'm excited to see where it is headed.  Drake is also a neat MC, which plenty of people won't like. As the synopsise states "Lots of cringy joke, More cringy anime jokes" He does a lot, and for some stories that can annoy me if its over or poorly down. For Dual Class, its handled well, and is used as an outlet for him (for the sh*t he dealt with in the past and currently), and other characters do comment on it.

    Drake make jokes, has some selfless and selfish traits, uses some magics, punches monster into the dirt, and does some other fun things. As the story comments he is man child, but he is still a responsible adult. So yeah, give it a try and see if you enjoy it or not. 

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 53: the problem

    Definitely one of the better LitRPG novels out there, it is complex yet easy to follow. The side characters are super developed and interesting. The only thing I cannot yet comment on is if this is going to be a good harem story or not... we have not come to any romance at this point. Lets hope for the best! As for romance and harem [chapter 59] there is none and it looks like it wont be around for some time to come.

    PS, good use of memes!

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 180: containing the beast

    Writing Quality: No complaints there, everything is readable and understandable. Grammar isn't a problem, the few mistakes made can be easily ignored.

    Story: Despite nearly 200 chapters there isn't much that can be said about story, we are still in the tutorial, where Drakes only objective is to survive and help others live, everything that happened up to this point is just another obstacle. As of right now there is no greater goal or motivation there. In other words the plot is simple and linear, that may change in the close future.

    Characters: First, let's talk about the MC, I find him fun, he's entertaining to read and other than his spontaneous depression episodes that, frankly, sometimes seem to come from nowhere I have no particular complaints about him. The secondary characters are... serviceable, some are more recognizable and interesting than others but none really stand out to me. That can be said for the girls especially, I can only vaguely remember their names and have no idea how they look, in my head they are just blank canvases. For example his current girlfriend, I think her name's Claire, is just token female, I think she gave some pretty good buffs. And that's it, that's all I know about her, a potential harem member. I say potential because the fact that they are together seemed forced and completely out of the left field, when the author introduced her I was convinced she was just some background girl with no relevance. The issue is that even thou she is together with Drake I still think of her as insignificant and irrelevant, I really though she was going to die for some drama but nope, she's still alive and I have no idea why? Similar things can be said for the other girls with the exception of Natto.

    World: Decent, I guess? As of now the tutorial is nothing special. I sincerely hope that this will change when the tutorial ends and we come back to earth, as the glimpses we get of the greater whole seem to be fascinating. I just hope the Author will meet my expectations.

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    3 Likes · Like
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