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/ Series / Firm: Opal’s Story
Firm: Opal’s Story
Firm: Opal’s Story
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4.0 (97 ratings)
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Short synopsis: A rock explores an apocalyptic world of magic and monsters as she kills things and has babies.


Opal wakes up to a new life.
She fights and grows stronger, her thick skin keeping her unhurt in situations others would find lethal or at least troubling.
How will she approach this new life of enjoyable fighting and troublesome sexual situations?
Is she getting fat again? She probably ate too much delicious monster meat you say? She doesn't eat and monster meat is gross.

What to expect:
A light-hearted look at dark situations.
A system with leveling, skills and magic.
Lots of combat focusing on effects more than detail.
Povs showing different, varied perspectives.
Opal making lots of babies.

Content Warning:
It won't let me include more than 25 tags so I picked the ones most relevant or important to the telling of the story.
This means many sexual tags were left out and due to the nature of the story you may want to know in advance some of the things planned for the story in the future.
Opal will be going a lot of places, meeting a lot of different types of people including evil bad guys who will add to her growing list of children.

Some of the planned events include but are not limited to:
Forced Marriages
Possible NTR(Haven't decided yet)

If I ever do upload a chapter with NTR content I will tag it at the start of the chapter.

What not to expect: Soul destroying in depth depictions of the heavier subjects even if they are present in the novel. Expect them to happen but not for them to break the protagonist or the reader. I want to make my novel fun to read. Probably.

Amnesia Apocalypse Artificial Intelligence Character Growth Childcare Comedic Undertone Dark Death of Loved Ones Female Protagonist Gore Humanoid Protagonist Incest Level System Magic Monsters Multiple POV Naive Protagonist Nudity Pregnancy Protagonist with Multiple Bodies Rape Sentient Objects Slave Protagonist Unlucky Protagonist Unreliable Narrator
Table of Contents 234
  1. Chapter 232Dec 26, 2023
  2. Chapter 231Dec 26, 2023
  3. Chapter 230Jul 15, 2023
  4. Chapter 229Jul 14, 2023
  5. Chapter 228Jul 12, 2023
  6. Chapter 227Jul 10, 2023
  7. Chapter 226Jul 9, 2023
  8. Chapter 225Jul 8, 2023
  9. Chapter 224Jul 7, 2023
  10. Chapter 223Jul 7, 2023
  11. Chapter 222Jul 5, 2023
  12. Chapter 221Jul 3, 2023
  13. Chapter 220Jul 2, 2023
  14. Chapter 219Jul 1, 2023
  15. Chapter 218Jun 30, 2023
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      New max_mustermann
      Status: chapter 65

      This story is worse than badly translated chinese novels where every "faceslapping" consists of torture and rape.

      Simply cause this story has a competent author writing it. In some way its like the addictions described in the story:

      First you feel good and the story is good, then there comes a rape and worse mindf*ck arc and you feel horrible and depressend and the only way to reliably clear it from your head, is to read on and find out that Opal found a way to free herself, then you feel good cause everything is nice again and there are extra high dopamin levels cause the situation was that terrible before. Then you read on and that cycle continues.

      All of that is only as bad cause the author is a good writer and lets you really feel for the characters.

      So for a real disclaimer before the story starts there should be something like this but better written:

      This story contains good written characters that will become enslaved, raped and mind altered (while still knowing and hating what they are doing). Its incredibly likely that your day will be ruined after reding these chapters.

      As consolation the times where no one is raped are also written really good and (sadly like the rape chapters) really immersive. So think twice before reading and ready something or someone to cheer you up for one of the bad arcs.

      By the way im not talking about the chapters where she just does not know what s*x is and gets raped by a lucky frogman in her sleep,


      cause she could have easily killed him and her mind did not start to become destroyed like later in the story. Im also not talking about the arc where orks capture her, shackle her to a stock and use her and the othe captives daily to breed more orks. No im talking about her being mindcontrolled while being forced to s*x. Worse im talking about her developing an addiction for wolf cum, while her children are captured and multiple times raped and then mind slaved by the same person that did that before to her. And im just at chapter 64 of 200+.


      (This is a comment I wrote after the latest rape arc and I think it contains vital information to know before reading this story. As said it is really good, you just need to know you will be depressed.)

      Read More

      1 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 41

      It doesn't get better. The "story" consists of alternating overpowered, gory battles where the protagonist's stumbled-into stats and traits give her an overwhelming advantage, and rape scenes where said stats and traits do absolutely nothing. Took too long to drop in hopes that it got better, and ch40 killed that. Missing a "Slave MC" tag.

      Read More

      23 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 104

      Okay, strap in; this will be long. And spoiler free. If you don't want to read it, there is a tl;dr at the bottom!

      First of all: Read the warning labels. The tags. The description. Done? Good. Do it again, and make sure you got everything. Done? Then let's get into it and get the obvious part out of the way, the 'darkness.' 

      Sure, it has some heavy instances and dark moods in the story. Many cry out that it is BS, nonsense, etc. Mmm, no, I don't think so. (I left my thoughts and comments on said chapters for more info if you jump into the story) They simply stopped reading before it was resolved, or people get unreasonably angry if something does not go the way they want to read it. Usually, 1-2 chapters later, most heavy stuff has its resolution. I just don't get the reactions, especially after reading the (MANY) warning labels put up by the Author. I also noticed people get overly jumpy when it comes to slavery. Weird. That is what humans do first when power tips out of balance in the world. If you are capable of taking a step back and looking at the events from a more objective standpoint, things are quickly not as weird as you first thought. 

      Now, the second point I want to address is what I saw being thrown about: Opal being dumb or being written in a dumb way just to get her into shocking situations. I completely disagree. To those who disagree, here is (in my opinion) the perfect analogy to summarise Opal's personality:

      Opal is a puppy. She is. She is naive, overly optimistic, and happy-go-lucky. She constantly wiggles her butt to anyone who wants to be friends. When she gets criticism in the comments, if you look at her this way, it makes sense. She sees others, goes up, and wags her butt, wanting to be friends. Then when she gets spanked (and more in the story), she gets sad and learns from it but still... A few kind words from others, and she is back to wiggling her butt like a happy little puppy. And who does not like puppies? Only monsters. 

      Now, a bit about grammar and whatnot. As a non-English speaker, I can't give you a 100%, accurate review in this regard. But I think it's well written, free of problems, and even if you stumble onto one, the Author fixes it quickly. 

      I never felt that it was "unreadable" or the story was trying to be a "sh*tpost, " as some others said. That is completely baseless and untrue. The many negative reviews were the first reason I picked it up, to see if it was true or not. Well. No, it wasn't. 

      I was very pleasantly surprised. The story is interesting, many of the characters are lovable, and I laughed many times more than I expected. Throughout the story, Opal and her growing family breeds, expand, grow stronger, and build up their own little empire. Think of this as a heavily erotic kingdom-building. 

      The book is filled with many erotic scenes, but that should be evident from the get-go. It is hardcore empire-building with interspecies breeding and many s*x scenes, including all kinds of fetishes. Not your cup of tea? Then you probably won't like this book. But disliking something is not wrong. Bashing it baselessly because disliking XYZ fetishes are. 

      Now some things I didn't like, but I can be objective about it: 

      The many POV changes. This is just me. This is no fault of the Author at all. I simply don't like changing POV stories; it confuses me. Still, that does not take away from the fact that it is an entertaining book. 

      The system. Too many titles and skills are introduced; only some get genuinely fleshed out. The novel would have benefited from much fewer systems that are deeply fleshed out and have a greater impact. I think that is one of the criticizable points of this book where it feels like it falls flat. Too many title/skill changes, resets, point allocations, etc. I got lost and sometimes had to reread what was what. 

      Too many side characters. (?) This one is a weird one. It's like complaining about too much ice cream. There is no such thing as too much ice cream. I just get lost when there are too many named characters to keep track of at once. This is not a negative per se. It's just getting a bit confusing for me because Opal and her family are breeding machines.

      Lastly, some darker themes. But that's simply because of my own personal preferences. They were resolved in the story anyway. 

      That is all, I would be truly critical about. 

      Tl;dr - Good story, various, hardcore smut if you can stomach it, some heavier plot lines here and there but a happy little puppy as the MC. Who also likes to wiggle her butt. I'd also wiggle inside her, given a chance.

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      17 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 101

      Seen a few reviews saying its a dark story and I have to disagree. Sure the themes are dark, but the quality of this story is so unbelievable bad that I can't possibly see this as anything but a sh*tpost story on the level of invisible dragon, the only difference being that invisible dragon made me laugh. Things happen to the MC with no regard for pacing or even if it makes sense at the time and bad things happen in pretty much every other chapter but its hard to care about it because the MC doesn't care. The MC has probably spent at least good half her life being raped continuously and there is never any warning for this. There could just be a random dungeon run and all of a sudden an orc king appears out of nowhere and enslaves and rapes her for days on end and this isn't even worth batting an eye over

      I would not care about this if it was written well but its just awful. At this point I'm reading simply for curiosity as to how bad this will get since the uploads are pretty frequent

      Wrote this entire review only to find out you can't swear on reviews and had to Find and remove all the swear words. Nevermind the fact this is a story filled to the brim with incest, rape, murder and all sorts of things. Wouldn't want swear words on a review

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      11 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 126

      Great breeding story.

      The themes can be pretty dark (slavery, slaughter, post-apocalyptic world), but hey, you got the most cheerfull MC willing to learn as long as it makes people happy.

      Do Not read if :

        - Smut isn't your thing

        - Incest (and here it's heave inbreeding)

        - You are a grammar nazy (In my opinion as a non native english speaker, it's not written that badly, and I'm mainly here to have fun so...)

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      9 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 66

      It's a decent story with an interesting premise, though it's very, very, very dark. It is alleviated by some of the fluff in-between the honestly gut wrenching scenes but those aren't nearly enough. Especially the end of the first volume, around chapters 63-66 which I honestly recommend skipping for your own mental health as that stuff is over the top grim-dark and PTSD inducing.

      To give you an example, if my math is correct then Opal (the MC) in her short 8 months of life has been a r#pe slave for around 5 of those. Which is unreasonably long for someone whose mind is so childlike and innocent.

      Of course, Opal isn't the only one who has suffered such fate as her daughters (most of whom are only 1-3 months (and some even younger) younger than Opal herself) are made into r#pe slaves as well after being born and maturing quickly so most of them have (so far) spent around half (or most of) their lives as r#pe slaves, while some others (mainly the main cast who are other daughters and granddaughters of Opal) as r#pe slaves.

      Now the good, aka the only reason this isn't rated 1 star. What I like a lot is the family bonding time between Opal and her daughters, the settlement management and fight scenes. Though be aware, they won't balance out the constant r#pe.

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      9 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 68

      English is not my mother language. Minor spoilers ahead. This is my first review. So this novel is a solid 4* until you reach the infamous chapter where you realize author's fetish: Slave MC. I would not care but, its written in a way that frustrates reader because he showed all previous chapters how strong the MC is and now throws all of that off the board. Another thing is that the character who enslaves MC and changes how the levels are going to work disappear at the end of the chapter, I felt it very violent for all of these changes. Also, all of this happens out of nowhere, at least for what I read it gave me the impression. But I can understand all of that if it has a purpose, for example, giving this smut novel more reasons for the MC to keep having s*xual relations now that she is growing up and learning. And then he does it again, the same way, with the same scenario, but then with the MC daughters, and introducing the NTR tag I suppose? Very very frustrating. I will give a time off to this novel and come back with the right mentality: MC slave and NTR is common here and every chapter the relationships can change bc slavery magic and brainwash magic exists and it's unstoppable.  

      Read More

      4 Likes · Like
      Status: c90

      This a story were you basically get what is written on the description, I don't know why some people are upset about it being to dark.  Some chapters are f**king dark while overall, the story has a lot of fluff a lot of kink and  doesn't take itself to serious. But than  one can get that from the tags and the authros warning and description!I will not spoil, this for potential readers, Except for 2  generel  lines.  If you are not easily disparaged  and like breeding as a kink you will love this story. And about the dark part.


      If  one char has lots of monsterous children and in  some rare cases they are really evil they need to be taken care off and in others they die or get changed against their will..

      Now overall the story is decently written and has it's ups and downs and a good amount of gory action, and while it is in some form a litrpg  were numbers goes up, our main char still gets  in sticky situations, sometimes were her build is changed against her will. There are also some simple but fun kingdom and class building elements the later are more complex 

      Overall this is a lot of fun for me at least and I hope it continues for a long time with hopefully more monster varity. 

      Read More

      3 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 232

      The story generally does a great job of balancing the darker themes throughout with a lighter tone. The MC is very simple and naive, which can be infuriating with some of her choices, but it serves as a very good foil to the nastier elements of the story. She manages to keep the story grounded even while terrible things are happening around or to her.

      That balance is a difficult line to walk and there are a few points in the story where it's lost and the story goes off the rails a bit with even darker elements. Incidentally, based on other reviews and chapter comments, these points are also the biggest breakpoints where people stop reading.

      With Opal's character and personality being the lynchpin for maintaining story balance, the areas that break this the most are mind control and when her kids get involved, or usually both at the same time. Even in a story that already has horrible elements, these topics are more likely to set people off.

      Content and chapter warnings:

      Around chapter



      Opal gets severly mind controlled. It is resolved pretty fast through.

      Around chapter




      Several of Opal's kids get into trouble and are likewise mind-controlled. It also feels like it takes much longer to get resolved.


      Around chapter


      136, 139, 142, 144


      Yet another of Opal's kids getting mind controlled and abused. This is the worst one in a lot of ways because the PoV for it happens sporadically so it takes forever to resolve.


      There are less extreme situations on mind control that aren't quite so exaggerated and seem to crop up pretty consistently as well, but don't get too crazy. Even the more extreme ones I've put in spoiler tags get cleanly resolved though.

      My only other real complaint is the cast gets so bloated that it's hard to keep track of everyone and there's less and less Opal later in the story. I really liked the more personal story at the start where it was Opal figuring out the world and getting into trouble. The side PoVs increase a lot and Opal starts to feel more like a viewport to watch the other characters, rather than the main character. She's a little too passive once the kingdom-building aspects start and the adventure aspects get dialed down.

      That being said, everything else is fantastic and manages to feel both dark and lighthearted at the same time. I also generally like the progression and the lewd events tend to be believably presented and well-written.

      I'd give it a solid 5 stars if those breakpoints and mind control weren't quite so jarring, but it's still a good 4 stars for everything else so far. 

      Edit -- After getting caught up with the chapters now, I'm going to adjust my rating to 5 stars. It has some key issues, but everything else is still incredibly satisfying and I binged 232 chapters in 3 days.

      Read More

      1 Likes · Like
      Status: c140

      I enjoyed it but it can be really hard to follow at times.

      The first issue is that there are too many pov changes. There are so many characters, some of which have multiple bodies doing different things at the same time. 

      The pov changes get really annoying when something awful is happening to a character, and then it cuts to another group doing something entirely unrelated and kinda boring. It's hard to care about the slice of life scenes when something more important is happening.

      This is made worse by how fast the plot moves.


      When Opal gets kidnapped by the human slavers she is rescued in probably less than five chapters and then the plot point is basically forgotten, which happens a lot. Also, what happened to the frogs?


      Finally, Opal is becoming way too strong. Skills like addiction immunity permanently cut off ways the story could go. It often seems unrealistic when Opal is captured because she is so strong. So mechanics like the 50% stat debuff are used. Why not just have Opal be weak because she has mainly breeding classes?

      I like this book but in the later chapters it is so hard to follow and feels a bit bloated. This is an issue a lot of long story's have, but it feels really bad here. I hope the story somehow ends up going back to the basics. I still enjoyed it, despite how critical this review was. 5/5

      Read More

      0 Likes · Like
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