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/ Series / Trinity of Magic [Progression Fantasy]
Trinity of Magic [Progression Fantasy]
Trinity of Magic [Progression Fantasy]
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Ezekiel had recognized early in life that he doesn't want to follow his parent's footsteps and spend the rest of his life as a simple farmer. No, his dreams were set on a grander stage, where tales of monster hunters, mighty generals, and benevolent heroes held court. On his 14th birthday, the opportunity he had been waiting for finally presented itself. The Magic Evaluation in the capital city was open to him at last. With fierce determination, Ezekiel set out to grasp the exciting future he had always envisioned on this momentous day.


Even though you are not going to see blue boxes from chapter one, I guarantee you that this IS a LitRPG story. This is, however, NOT a pure "game world"! Instead, I have tried to integrate the interface elements of a LitRPG into a world with a very thought-out magic & power system, which will be explored over the course of the first book.

This world doesn't work like a game, where you can put '5 points in strength' and the body somehow changes magically into a stronger version of itself. It might take a couple of chapters for the world and magic to start to make sense, but I feel like a power system built on solid principles is a lot more rewarding in the long run (...and more IMMERSIVE!).

ActionAdventureComedyDramaFantasyLitRPGSchool LifeSlice of LifeSupernatural
Academy Accelerated Growth Adventurers Age Progression Army Building Battle Academy Beastkin Blood Manipulation Bullying Character Growth Clever Protagonist Conspiracies Death of Loved Ones Determined Protagonist Discrimination Dragons Magic Military Mind Break Race Change Skill Creation Slaves Spatial Manipulation Subtle Romance
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Table of Contents
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    New Flossindune
    Status: chapter 13: [blood manipulation].

    Trinity of Magic is about a young, 14 year old boy named Ezekiel. His dream has always been to enter the magic academy, Elementium, and become a mage with his friends. During a Hogwarts style sorting, however, Ezekiel finds that almost nothing is going the way he planned.

    Story: The story is a coming of age story of a boy with magical powers. In the early chapters we see him pining for the chance to become a mage, leave his family for the academy, and go through the sorting. I am not familiar with magical school stories on Scribble Hub, this being my first, but the events of the story play out in an expected, but meaningful, way.

    Style: The style is consistent and follows Ezekiel in the third person. I would say the biggest flaw is that things are explained in a way that sometimes made me want to skim through. I think adding in some of Ezekiel's inner monologue may spruce things up, though it is still fine as it is.

    Grammar: The only issue I found was with a series of messed up line breaks, which is easy to fix. Full marks.

    Characters: Ezekiel seemed like a fully fleshed out teenager who was hesitant, but resolved, to leave his family in order to find something better. He's kind to the other prospects, showing a social personality that looks like it might be the cause of some contention at becoming an outcast from the get-go.

    Overall, I'm looking forward to catching up to Trinity of Magic and seeing where things go from here when things really start picking up.

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    New M.G.Driver
    Status: chapter 31

    This is a unique magic system, coupled with brilliant writing. Just read it. Great magic power fantasy, love it. Will become one of the GOATs.

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