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/ Series / An Unborn Hero
An Unborn Hero
An Unborn Hero
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4.9 (34 ratings)
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This is the tale of an epic battle between the embryo of a hero and the egg of a demon lord.

Okay, so perhaps 'epic' is overselling it a bit, given that there are serious mobility issues on both sides of the conflict, but they're trying their best, bless them.

Then perhaps it is the tale of a reincarnated magical girl lover, excited about finally living out her dreams of slaying evil with the powers of love and friendship?

But again, the way a truck-wielding goddess interpreted her request to return her memories immediately after reincarnation rather too literally means that it'll be a long time before the frilly dress fits, and the demons don't seem to want to wait.

Then it's the tale of a pair of new parents growing progressively more confused at the weird happenings around them, particularly when people start receiving involuntary flower-based makeovers? Of an unborn hero speedrunning the plot so efficiently that it'll all be over before she even gets around to being born?

Yes, that one's more accurate.

Also, some numbers go up, with accompanying dings. And one (highly important) number goes way down.
This story was born as a complete joke on discord, out of someone complaining about womb arcs and how utterly ridiculous they were. I responded by threatening to write a story that was entirely womb arc. And then, because I'm a bit silly sometimes, I did. It's not pure skill grinding, though; I was nice enough to let her have some interaction with the real world. Nevertheless, at time of writing, I seem to be averaging two dings per chapter.

Published here, Royal Road and patreon. New chapters Tuesday and Friday, early morning (normally 6:30 AM-ish) UK time.

ComedyFantasyGirls LoveIsekaiLitRPG
Demon Lord Demons Elves Female Protagonist Friendship Lack of Common Sense Language Barrier Magical Girls Reincarnated into Another World
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 58: rehabilitation

    brilliant work of art

    if you want to know what happens when the fantasies of earth crosses over with a fantasy world, here you go!

    just uh, expect a level up about once every five paragraphs. *But they're all good dings don't worry about it*

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