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/ Series / Reborn in Danmachi as a dragon kin
Reborn in Danmachi as a dragon kin
Reborn in Danmachi as a dragon kin
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4.0 (46 ratings)
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The embodiment of reincarnation gave me another chance after life screwed me over. My new life brought me to a world where gods walk amongst men, monsters roam and lots of beautiful girls. From legal loli goddesses to Demi human furry Milfs. Join Draco on his journey in Danmachi to level up to the pinnacle and revive his race with a harem.
Mc looks like the Dragon from monster girl doctor anime. Just that a guy instead of girl with curved horns, black scales and no wings.

Chapters will be between 1200 to 2000 words.
For patreon there will be only a few tiers for now, but tiers will increase as the community grows.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Danmachi series except the characters I created as this is a slight Au fanfic.

Warning: This fiction may contain things such as Murder, thoughts of suicide and some dark descriptions of events.

Release schedule: Monday to Thursday.
Will post 4 chapters a week.

I have a patreon.
To read up to 21 advanced chapters visit my patreon and donate.

Magic Non-human Protagonist Weak to Strong
Table of Contents 110
  1. Chapter 11019 hours ago
  2. Chapter 109Nov 30, 2023
  3. Chapter 108Nov 29, 2023
  4. Chapter 107Nov 28, 2023
  5. Chapter 106Nov 23, 2023
  6. Chapter 105Nov 22, 2023
  7. Chapter 104Nov 20, 2023
  8. Chapter 103Nov 16, 2023
  9. Chapter 102Nov 15, 2023
  10. Chapter 101Nov 14, 2023
  11. Chapter 100Nov 13, 2023
  12. Chapter 99Nov 10, 2023
  13. Chapter 98Nov 9, 2023
  14. Chapter 97Nov 7, 2023
  15. Chapter 96Nov 2, 2023
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      New Digheads
      Status: chapter 4

      2 out of 5 (subject to change)

      The grammer is terrible. Run-on sentences, missing or incorrect punctuation, shifts in POV without breaks in-between, and more. I don't know if it gets better in later chapters, but I couldn't take it after 4. I may come back after some heavy editing, but not until then. 

      This may not matter to you as the reader, but if it does prepare yourself for a bumpy ride.

      Read More

      1 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 32

      The idea is good but all the off-screening fast-paced everything being brushed off is unpleasant to read, most of the time the coolest thing in a fan fiction is the OC character's interaction with his surroundings.

      Read More

      6 Likes · Like
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