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/ Series / Yer A Witch, Gura
Yer A Witch, Gura
Yer A Witch, Gura
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I'm a what?

In which a person from our world (me) is inserted into Gawr Gura into the world of Harry Potter several weeks before Harry gets his letter. Deciding to act like Gura as much as she can, she tries to figure out what happened and how to learn magic while changing the fate of the Wizarding World.

She doesn’t even know what she’s getting into.

ComedyFanfictionFantasyGender BenderSchool Life
Harry Potter Hololive Hololive English
Alternate World Amnesia Animal Characteristics Appearance Different from Actual Age Cute Protagonist Female Protagonist Lack of Common Sense Magic Male to Female
Table of Contents 9
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Table of Contents
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