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/ Series / Sins of the Forefathers: A LitRPG Fantasy Isekai
Sins of the Forefathers: A LitRPG Fantasy Isekai
Sins of the Forefathers: A LitRPG Fantasy Isekai
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The world of Vereden was broken long ago.

The introduction of the System came at a time of warring Gods and shattered planets, only for it to shatter as well. That which was meant to raise men to divinity, instead cast them ever deeper into conflict through its imperfect nature. And yet, that era of ceaseless war is long past. The people have adapted to Statuses, Levels, and Skills.

Unfortunately, so have the Kingdoms.

Millenia past the Initialization Wars, Nathan Hart finds himself suddenly stranded in an unfamiliar forest, in an unfamiliar country, on an unfamiliar planet. Captured and sold as a slave nearly from the moment of his arrival, Nathan is told he is a ‘Precursor’. Granted odd and unusual powers, Nathan is meant to stride as a titan among men, for a mysterious purpose. However, how can he ever make his mark on this strange new world, with a collar around his neck?

He would have to escape, first.


Consider this story my own personal twist on what appears to be an Isekai, with light LitRPG elements. I say light, because I don’t want you to expect pinpoint accurate stats for everything that exists in universe. After all, this is a setting where the local System isn’t so much as broken, as never whole.

Expect Professions focus for some time, instead. It's going to be a slow burn while the MC puzzles out how to escape his bondage.

Sins of the Forefathers updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


Patreon Link:

40 Chapters ahead of Royal Road.

Artifact Crafting Depictions of Cruelty Dwarfs Elves Fantasy World Gore Magic Male Protagonist Sadistic Characters Slaves Summoned Hero Transported into Another World Unlucky Protagonist Weak to Strong
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