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/ Series / The Goblin’s Pet (18+)
The Goblin’s Pet (18+)
The Goblin’s Pet (18+)
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4.7 (12 ratings)
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When Aldric, a revered hero, gets locked into a magical collar and transformed into a buxom beauty, he's ensnared in a life of torment and arousal, forced to serve a devious goblin master.

Story Notes:
This is a dark and messed-up story.

There are heavy themes such as gender-swapping, NTR, humiliation, and sex with monsters. If that doesn't sound delicious to you, don't partake! This is much more degenerate than my more vanilla TG game, X-Change Life, which you can play here:

The focus of this story is heavily on the male to female transformation of the protagonist.

ActionAdultAdventureFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveMatureSmutTragedy
Abusive Characters Appearance Changes Cheating Corruption Dungeons Evil Gods Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Female Protagonist Former Hero Goblins Handjob Magic Male to Female Masturbation Mind Break Mind Control Monsters Netorare Pregnancy R-18 Rape Slave Protagonist Sword And Magic Threesome
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 16 – a long night ends

    This is a very good novel if you like tragedy and heart breaking moments!

    The author is talented at writing the very dark and hopeless situations our protagonist Aldric have to face. Betrayal, humiliation, hopelessness, you name it. There's only 16 chapters but each chapter is very long compared to the usual length in other stories here, so don't let the number fool you.

    This is smut and of course you have s*x moments. There are hetero, GL and GB + Goblin smut chapters, so it's not all monster stuff. To be really honest I don't like the GB + Goblin smut chapters because, unless you have a kink for imagining yourself as a (r*ped) woman in GB smut, it's not good -- terrible, even; I simply skimmed most of these scenes (the best way I can describe it is that the style is very peculiar on the male to female transformation -- unrealistic, I might say, and you read lots of paragraphs telling you the same thing so it gets annoying fast). The hetero and GL smut were really good though, the author should try writing more hetero or GL stuff later!

    If you're like me and want to read a tragedy story with a bit of smut, I recommend this with gusto! BUT, if you don't like the transformation stuff that much, I suggest you to stop reading at chapter 12! It's a good place to end the story. From chapter 13 onwards it gets really nonsensical in the favor of GB + Gobbo p*rn, because the goblin have the heaven-defiying plot armor:

    1. If the goblin dies, the collar kills Aldric;
    2. No one can force the goblin to take out the collar it seems, so no manhandling the midget and get the collar out of Aldric;
    3. The goblin made a pact with the kingdom and a wizard guy for him to research the collar, so no one in a big city can help Aldric or touch the goblin;
    4. The goblin's semen can mind break women and turn them into submissive girls;
    5. The goblin's semen can make pregnant women bearing a human child abort; (This was the last straw for me, it's just dumb!).
    6. The goblin can have s*x for hours and hours and cum a gallon of mind breaking semen.
    7. Due to 3, 4 and 6, there's literally nothing Aldric can do now to free himself from the goblin, so you won't ever think things like 'will Aldric's ego survive this?', the answer is simply no. This question is what made the early chapters good for me, so it's sad to see it gone now. He will become a mindless "uwu master" blob like any mindbreak hentai do.


    so instead of feeling bad for the tragedies, you just feel irritated by the plot armor. And like I said, the GB + Gobbo p*rn is terrible if you're not the target audience so you might as well just skip it.

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    Status: chapter 14 – the bargain

    Good story, great story building, great characters and creative way of giving some twist and turns in the story. 

    Lots of details and interesting to read.

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