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/ Series / Kaia the Argent Wing
Kaia the Argent Wing
Kaia the Argent Wing
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4.9 (210 ratings)
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In a world rocked by the arrival of a mysterious game system, Kai's life takes an astonishing turn when a dying angel crash-lands in his backyard, granting him the ability to transform into an angelic form—but with a twist, the new class forces him to become a girl whenever he wants to use it! Follow Kai as they grapple with this newfound duality, struggle to survive, and build a survivor's community in a world that has been plunged into violence and chaos.

ActionFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveRomance
Angels Apocalypse Appearance Changes Beautiful Female Lead Bisexual Protagonist Boy's Love Subplot Clan Building Enemies Become Lovers Game Elements Level System Male to Female Modern Day Mystery Solving Post-apocalyptic Secret Identity Selfless Protagonist Slow Romance Transformation Ability Transgender
Table of Contents 86
Reviews 6
Table of Contents
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    Status: 8: duck

    So. Freggin. Good!

    Fantastic humor, sweet gender feels, apocalypse, and bun ears! What's more to love?

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    Status: 9: hot angry goth

    If there's anything quietvalerie is good at, it's writing gender feels, and this story does not seem to be an exception.

    The premise is interesting, and I'm super excited to see how things are going to develop? There's a lot of potential, and knowing vale she isn't going to disappoint on that front either.

    I especially love that the focus seems to be on a crafting side as well, as that's something that I vibe a lot with,   but at the same time the combat is well written too.

    All in all, very excited to see where this goes!

    ~~also I am very gay for tall angel ladies~~

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    Status: 8: duck

    Qv delivering as always with another very interesting story. Concept is very interesting, as well as execution-I'm very excited to see where this goes!

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    Status: 8: duck

    QV out here with yet another gay little egg that needs to be hatched, another tough, yet necessary ride on the "Dysphoria-goes-'round" to Transtown in the midst of Lesvia, and a MTF trans story that can be summed up as "if a trans-person could self-insert". 

    Aside from calling out at least 75% of the lurkers and 90% of this story's active commenters, we're already starting off chaotic, confused, and sprinting around the house (literally and figuratively) like if you gave a lesbian ADHD morning person an overdose of sugar and a kiss on the cheek. 

    Already, this seems like a unique, QV style twist on a usually very linear System-Apocalypse. Bun ears, angels, unique representation and interpretation of the system, with a heavy dose of gayness. Already off to a great start. Will be back to edit this review at a later date, probably... maybe... Ah, probably not.

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    Status: 8: Duck

    Absolutly love the premise and the chapters posted so far have got me hooked to see where it goes. The atypical system is also really really interesting and im curious how thatll expand.

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    Status: 39: shrine worship

    We are currently in mid season break, it's been hard cause this story is so good, not having new chappies is a national tragedy. 

    Just finished my reread time for the review. Let's start with the basics. This story is amazing if you liked any other QV stories I totally recommend it. Tags are very accurate so if something from there gets you uncomfortable or angry and you aren't willing to come open minded, don't read this.

    Now to the review, I was never fan of apocalypse stories, this one novel manage to change that fully, now I actively look out for them. This speaks to itself about how good this story is.

    Time for more spoilery part, first the setting: Apocalypse in small conservative town in Kentucky is a great choice to show different views and generational differences, it also allows to paint creative, fantastical image for the world building. It feels totally new and unknown, yet familiar.


    Monsters are my favourite part, their description are a joy to read.


    This novel has some sort of world system, but it's not invasive or immersion breaking. It feels very natural with both it arrival and function.

    Fighting scenes are amazing, there's a lot of them and that's absolutely a plus. Badass and bloody, with important stakes, good teamwork,


    lots of combos,

    not overpowered by any means.

    Time for the longest part, the romance. It something new, since our character is bis*xual. Bringing freshness and new kind of shenanigans to the rooster of QV stories. Lots of flirting, romantic subplots are satisfying and will definitely have their fans. Main romantic interest has a lot of walls and mysteries behind her backstory. At the time of writing the review the main romantic story is just flirting and teasing with a long way ahead of us. 


    Some people may find Chloe uncomfortable at first since her anger issues and not fitting in socially may be interpreted as someone who would be potentially abusive, thankfully that's not a case. She is a complex character with a long story behind her. Give her some time to grow and show more of herself.


    Thanks for reading my review!!! ❤️

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