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/ Series / I Will Not Be Isekai’d! (Truck-kun Fails!?!? Rewrite!)
I Will Not Be Isekai’d! (Truck-kun Fails!?!? Rewrite!)
I Will Not Be Isekai’d! (Truck-kun Fails!?!? Rewrite!)
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RoyalRoad release on 10/31/2023!
“How can I get stronger only at Level 0?!...”
When an encounter with truck-kun should have led to a new life, Kawari defies fate's call for reïncarnation. Pressed down by looming regrets and an uncaring mother, he hoped for a better restart.
Instead, he gains a rare gift—the ability to traverse between two worlds.
But this newfound power comes at a cost. The Adventurers’ Guild refuses to register him, leaving him locked at Level 0. And with the Royal Marshal already aware of his presence in their world, they hunt to begin their crusade with one goal:
To slay him.
He is an outsider who doesn’t belong anywhere. As Kawari hones his capabilities without increasing his level he forms a ragtag party, and embarks on a journey fueled from the promises of those he cares for on both sides. From rebels to masters, members of the Royal Marshal join the underdog’s struggle for their own values.
From Level 0, a heartfelt, slow tale of self-discovery, and the appreciation of life.
- Character-driven story with cozy moments when plot takes a backseat for the ride. Slice of Life and Reverse Isekai elements included.
- Lightnovel-style writing and monologues.
- An Isekai LitRPG with a system based on languages with skills, magic, buffs/debuffs, and skill branches.
- A main character that is held down by the system and works his way around it.
- Action based on wits and error.
A side project/experiment. Only published on Scribblehub (For now). Releases every MonWedFri.

ActionDramaFantasyIsekaiLitRPGSlice of Life
Average-looking Protagonist Awkward Protagonist Calm Protagonist Character Growth Complex Family Relationships Easy Going Life Family Family Conflict Fantasy World Game Elements Gate to Another World Hidden Abilities Honest Protagonist Inferiority Complex Language Barrier Level System Long Separations Male Protagonist Otaku Past Plays a Big Role Returning from Another World Satire Technological Gap Tribal Society Weak to Strong
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