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/ Series / Husband of the Goblin Tribe
Husband of the Goblin Tribe
Husband of the Goblin Tribe
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4.8 (190 ratings)
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Ark, a budding human magician enjoying his second life in a new world full of swords and magic left his home to become an adventurer, only to be defeated on a goblin subjugation quest. Waking up in a lightless cavern, Ark's battle for survival begins with his lower half! Can he rise to the task of being the brand new freely shared husband of an entire tribe consisting of only female goblins who want nothing more than to procreate with him every waking moment?

You better fuckin' believe it.

For the record, this is less dark fantasy and more wacky fantasy that occasionally touches on some slow life family drama. It starts out smutty but does begin to flesh out into actual plot as the story progresses. There can be mild depictions of cruelty and gore, but, I mean, what do you expect when you're reading a web novel that has goblins?

Age Progression Caring Protagonist Clan Building Cute Children Disabilities Doting Parents Dungeons Easy Going Life Familial Love Goblins Healing Heartwarming Magic Pregnancy Rape Reverse Rape Romantic Subplot
Table of Contents 105
  1. [v2] Chapter Twenty-four – In which Goblinhome is visited by a friendly group of adventurers with a delivery for Ark.23 hours ago
  2. [v2] Chapter Twenty-three – In which Nova and Ark have a friendly, long overdue, spar.Jul 11, 2024
  3. [v2] Chapter Twenty-two – In which Ark spends some time bonding with an extremely sequestered goblin.Jul 10, 2024
  4. [v2] Chapter Twenty-one – In which Ark and the Great Protector talk about the past and the present.Jul 8, 2024
  5. [v2] Chapter Twenty – In which a busy Ark does a few things that needed doing around Goblinhome so he can be lazy.Jul 4, 2024
  6. [v2] Chapter Nineteen – In which Ark gets a much needed reality check from an unusually kind Stella.Jul 2, 2024
  7. [v2] Chapter Eighteen – In which the third day arrives, and Ark must make a decision on what to do with RushkJul 1, 2024
  8. [v2] Chapter Seventeen – In which Ark demands peace, at the cost of his own. All because of a runaway orc Magpie shouldn’t have caught.Jun 30, 2024
  9. [v2] Chapter Sixteen – In which a filler chapter mysteriously appears, but it features Button at some point, so that’s never a bad thing…Jun 29, 2024
  10. [v2] Chapter Fifteen – In which Ark gives a lonely Ivory a brief lesson in practical economics while soaking in the bath together.Jun 28, 2024
  11. [v2] Chapter Fourteen – In which Ark tries his hand at hunting Prima, and afterwards receives a exhaustive visit from the Great Protector.Jun 27, 2024
  12. [v2] Chapter Thirteen – In which Ark delivers a speech inaugurating the opening of the Goblin’s Guild, to better the future of the Goblin Tribe.Jun 27, 2024
  13. [v2] Chapter Twelve – In which Mint is tasked with helping with Ark’s secret project, then Ark has an enjoyable late-night dinner with some Orcs.Jun 26, 2024
  14. [v2] Chapter Eleven – In which Ark pays a consummatory visit to Grotte, then has a bonding moment with Nova in the bath afterwards.Jun 25, 2024
  15. [v2] Chapter Ten – Ark wakes up to the aftermath, and the new normal that is his life as the Husband of the Goblin Tribe.Jun 24, 2024
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      New DragoCyan
      Status: chapter sixty-nine – in which ark...

      This story takes the trope of "female rape by male goblin" and reverses the genders, all the while managing to make readers attached to the goblin "rapists". This story has it's fair share of comedy and light-hearted parts as well as serious/dark/mature stuff. 

      I came for smut and stayed for the plot. Of a goblin rape novel of all things.

      The grammar is already good from the get-go and it keeps getting fluent and more polished as the chapters progress. It has good pacing, the MC is caring, the FMCs are caring (in their own ways) and all of them have their own troubles and solutions to them as well.

      s*x occurs in nearly all the chapters but it is not the entire point of the story. The dynamic and experiences that our MC has with his goblin wifeys is. 

      All in all, its a solid story. This review is made at the time of completing Vol 1. I recommend that if you have a REALLY open mind then you could give this book a try.


      However, the MC was forced into basically raping another human due to circumstances beyond his powers. So keep that in mind.


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      1 Likes · Like
      Status: Chapter Sixty-four – In which Ark...

      I'll be brutally honest: I came here for a weird smut story. Ya, I'm only slightly ashamed to admit that. Nonetheless, while the smut is pretty decent, I've become pretty invested in the MC and some of the members of the goblin tribe he's in, which is something I never would have suspected to happen. I highly recommend this book: the grammar is great, style flows well, pacing is satisfying, characters are pretty relatable and realistic (and actually act like goblins, and not midget elves'), and the story is shaping out to actually have a decent amount of depth. 

      Keep up the great writing tounokenja, I can see that this series has a LOT of potential. 

      Side note: the story has really hit its stride at around chapter 9-12 (I'm really liking what's going on with the protector), so I'd recommend at least read to there if your here for the story. 

      Update (9/19/2023) : *spoiler warning*

      Note: this comment is talking about a situation with one of the main love interests' sisters, who is on the spectrum; I think it expresses my feelings pertaining to the morality of the MC and why I enjoy reading about him so much.

      Here's my comment from chapter 22: "honestly, this was done in a pretty 'tasteful' way: it's clear the MC is essentially being forced to do this (in my opinion), but is putting up boundaries and actually trying to act like an actual human with morals; I'd assume many other works of fiction might simply have the MC impregnate the sister and then move on without actually trying to seriously help out either the baby or the mother.  Seriously, this is one of the reasons I'm liking this series so much; it makes the MC feel human, not just a character in some web novel smut story with gray morals." 

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      19 Likes · Like
      Status: Chapter Fifty-four

      This story is well worth your time if you like the premise. 

      The best aspect of this is, ironically, the humanity of the characters and the maturity with which it tackles nuanced moral issues.

      It is smut, but it is not shallow by any means.

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      14 Likes · Like
      Status: c65

      It was the first story I've read in months and I thoroughly enjoyed it :)

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      8 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter seventy-seven – in which the...

      I never imagined that a story about s*x with goblins would capture me so much, the author writes very well and knows how to develop his characters, the only criticism is the few chapters as I read them very quickly.T~T

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      5 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter sixty-nine

      An interesting look into the culture and traditions of a Goblin tribe, you would think the setting taking place either in caves or secluded in a small tribe would be boring fast but surprisingly it manages to keep your attention. 

      The story takes a few serious turns at times, but often it is written in a comedic or light-hearted tone throughout most of the story. The change in tone from a fun slice of life daily living as a Husband of the Goblin tribe to more dramatic and serious events without mentioning any spoilers is done in a natural change of pace, without the tonal shift being too drastic. In truth, I wouldn't have the talent to keep a story setting in one spot to stay this interesting. I enjoyed the story so far and hope to explore more about the world outside of this tribe, such as how magic works and the background of the protagonist as well. It's a fun read if you're looking for Goblin Girl material, but I do find the s*x scenes to be lacking in detail and length. 

      There is lots of s*x but very rarely are they the center focus of the chapter, often brushed or mentioned in passing in a brief paragraph or two. I would advise that the writer would work more on that, I would not mind if the story did not include tags like Harem and Smut. S*x does not have to be the focus of your story, but when you include it in your tags and the synopsis is the protagonist tasked with being the husband of a tribe to increase their population, you want to make the s*x scenes more of an experience to enjoy. 

      But the engagement and connection between characters is where the story stands out best. Many Goblins in the tribe stand out and have their moments, and I appreciate the added depth when their is conflict presented. You get to understand why some people behave the way they are, and I really appreciate how real it depicts the Goblin tribe in a matter that demonstrates that there are no black and white enemies, only people in villages or tribes trying to survive. 

      I would rate this 3 stars at the time of this review, the author does a great job writing characters and character engagement but the story lacks any long lasting motivation or objective. This critique only stands because the author expresses interest in taking this story in a more serious narrative with certain graphic or mature scenes, but that is yet to come. For now, it's a fun exploration of a Goblin tribe full of fun and silly characters where you find it hard not to like everyone you meet, but the s*x is ironically lacking in how it is presented. There is a lot of s*x scenes, but they just don't really stand out in an erotic way and it's a shame because the writer can make romantic or touching scenes work. 

      A fun story for a fun time to read, with foreshadowing and hints of exploration for more to come. 3 stars!

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      4 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter sixty-nine – in which ark...

      Husband of the Goblin Tribe is an interesting look into how a captured human male may become an important member to a tribe of green females. 

      While many chapters have s*x written into them, the story is not bogged down by too much s*xual descriptions. The s*x is integral to how Ark becomes more important than a sperm bank and is part of his own character arc. 

      Each goblin that Ark interacts with is different in their own way. Besides physical features and s*xual preferences, the relations between Ark and each goblin with each other create a complex spider web beyond just a harem. Prima is the strongest goblin, but her own insecurities make her more prone to violence. Berry is a goblin with a very brutal body scar, but she is the most emotionally mature of the young goblins. Lily, Truffle, Ivory, Vera, Old One, Toy, Doll, Jewel, Pear, Pepper, and Crow are all a part of this family, and together they survive under the watchful protection of the Great Protector. 


      Chapter 42 is written well, but readers who have problems with rape may have a hard time reading it. The author shows how despicable rape is, and Ark is a monster who would do anything to live. While Ark is by no means the worst person in the world, rape is one of the most demeaning things a person can do to another.


      My rating system is: 1 is bad. 2 is meh. 3 is good. 4 is great. 5 is a masterpiece. 

      I do think this story is a good novel that integrates s*x well. I await volume 2 with some anticipation.

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      4 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter sixty-six – in which ark...

      I came into this expecting smut, I got smut. What I did not expect was to get a actually good story with it.  This is really a great read. Id vote more then 5 stars but its not possible

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