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/ Series / Witch of Fear [Mild horror, Isekai High Fantasy]
Witch of Fear [Mild horror, Isekai High Fantasy]
Witch of Fear [Mild horror, Isekai High Fantasy]
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4.9 (38 ratings)
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In ancient folklore and tales, they said the fae were beings of purist magic and foulest trickery, creatures who would mislead travelers into deadly bogs or steal children in the dead of night from their once safe beds.

Autumn was one such child.

When a foolish witch made a poorly worded deal with these tricky creatures, they stole the poor girl whose only desire was to survive her last year in high school. They dragged her from restless slumber and tried to drown her in the deepest black waters of terror and pain.

She barely escaped with her fragile life and must now rely on the witch's advice and her own paralyzing fear to gain the power to return to her world.

Along the way, she’ll find herself lost in a world of magic, intrigue, and perhaps love.

If the fae don’t catch up to her first, for the Wild Hunt never stops until it has its prey.

Be warned that this story contains elements of horror, gore, fear, and lesbian romance.
Chapter lengths are around 2000 words.

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AdventureFantasyGirls LoveHorrorIsekaiRomance
Adventurers Awkward Protagonist Cautious Protagonist Fairies Fantasy World Female Protagonist Folklore Magic Transported into Another World Witches
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Table of Contents
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    Status: c97

    This story is as of yet consistently good and considering the accurate and so far relevant blurb there's little from me apart for my vouch of its quality that should be put into consideration If you wish to read it. Although a few things aren't mentioned in the description that may be relevant to a prospective reader those being the presence of cosmic horror, child slaughter, minor reverse harem, (justified) genocide of the short and major character death. As for you troglodytes who only read litrpgs, there is none of that so far.

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