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/ Series / Technomancer in MCU
Technomancer in MCU
Technomancer in MCU
57.6k Views 2266 Favorites 47 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 521 Readers
4.1 (35 ratings)
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Synopsis -
This is the story of an unfortunate person thrown into the world of MCU(AU Obviously) before Canon events and is given the power of Technomancy.
The man chooses to become a good samaritan and starts to prepare to protect the world he calls home now.

A/N :- First time author here so please have mercy.Constructive Criticism is always appreaciated.
Thank you :)

If you want to read ahead of the public release, subscribe to my patreon - ''. Your support would mean the world to me :)

Marvel MCU
Selfless Protagonist
Table of Contents 47
Reviews 2
Table of Contents
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    New ISwearImTrying
    Status: technomancer in mcu #42

    the synopsis made me believe the MC would be a pushover whiteknight, thankfully I was mistaken, it's not that bad, also Alfred the AI is a very good supporting character, my favorite one on this novel.

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    New officepony
    Status: ch 40

    The premise of the story comes about a bit suddenly with little-to-no background on our MC, but as the story progresses you get little tantalizing snippets of his history that have you wondering who and what he was before the current story. I'm rather invested in finding out the past of the MC and his AI because it doesn't feel like his AI is just an AI.

    The characters are, thankfully, not just some dumbed-down parodies of the iconic figures from the MCU and resemble their counterparts in canon works to a degree. Writing believable content in regards to already canonically established characters is a daunting effort requiring the author to either get into the canon author's headspace or to be devoted to the original works' characters to a nearly obsessive degree, so the writing of this story should be commended for not taking the characters and exaggerating certain aspects of the characters and making them cardboard cutouts of them (though I would recommend taking at least Fury up a notch as I hadn't read a single curse from him in this story so far and it feels like Samuel Jackson is biting his lips and trying to keep things PG-13).

    I appreciate that the grammar is fairly good with only the occasional colloquialism missing a word or having a misspelling indicative of either editing having accidentally removed it or 'Author Blindness' (as in the writer of a piece knows what they meant to be there and their eyes skip over the fact that words or letters are missing from their works because their mind fills it in for them which is one of the major reasons proofreaders are an author's second best friend next to a good editor).

    The writing keeps up a nice brisk pace for almost the entire time. The flow of the writing is a bit stiff at times though this is already really good and the improvement over the chapters is quite noticeable in my opinion. I would recommend that the use of onomatopoeia be removed from writing if possible and replaced with better descriptive structures that describe the sound /effect taking place as the use of them usually breaks the reader away from the writing itself (*BANG!* *BOOM!* or things like that coming out in the middle of epic descriptions usually pull a reader away from whatever their imagination is pulling up and just sort of slaps the sound effect in a jarring fashion. Instead of doing that you could do something like, '-the sudden pop and crack of a bullet split the air' or 'a flash of light, intense heat, and the sudden pressure followed by a belated thundering roar as the air itself became a wall of force' is much more immersive than a culturally appointed onomatopoeia).

    Overall, I'm loving this story. I hope to read more and am delighted with the improvement I'm seeing in the writing quality of each new chapter. Please keep doing your best in improving your writing, it brings me joy to see writers getting better at their craft.

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