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Luckily (BL)
Luckily (BL)
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In a world where luck is everything, justice reigned. People were born with a given amount of luck, drained it, and died. The course of the world was controlled by a group from the land of Infey, whose location was unknown to the people. Their luck was the very source, their life was immortal, and their supremacy unquestionable. The world lived in harmony and the source of luck was safely under their protection.

At least that is how it is written in the history of 200 years ago. One day, for unknown reasons, the source of luck was disrupted and the united nation broke into three. Equil kept the people born with limited luck. Rinsel became the home of those with almost no luck and Lacris of those with nearly unlimited luck. The land of Infey with the source is just a myth that everyone is trying to find.

The unfair division forced people to adapt. While Equilans are unable to accept luck, citizens of Lacris and Rinsel are in a different situation. One can give, the other can receive, and for mutual benefits, an agreement to exchange residents has been created. However, the hatred between them is fixed, their cooperation unstable, and the only thing each lacks for supremacy is a location of the luck´s source.

And in this world lives Nielle, the third prince of Rinsel, a sadist to whom nothing brings more joy than stealing from the Lacrisans their luck in the most painful way possible. With no interest in the throne, holding a grudge against Lacris, he couldn´t refuse the opportunity to gain a new toy.

Yet Shane, a proud Lacrisan who can't believe he ended up in Rinsel, has no intention to make it easy for him. As the new executioner in the prince´s service, he has goals of his own. In a tangle of survival, suffering and getting to know each other, everyone tries to maintain their luck at a level that will keep them alive.

But what happens when someone who resembles the lost race of Infey shows up? The laughing young man Rue, who knows nothing of the current world, becomes the target of everyone's greed. And not even luck will help him.


This story contains BL, sex scenes between males, rape, violence and much more, which is not for everyone. I apologize for the mistakes as English is not my native language. I hope you will enjoy the story.

ActionAdultAdventureBoys LoveFantasyMatureRomanceSmut
Abusive Characters Appearance Different from Actual Age Arrogant Characters BDSM Clever Protagonist Complex Family Relationships Cunning Protagonist Hiding True Identity Loyal Subordinates Lucky Protagonist Manly Gay Couple Masochistic Characters Master-Servant Relationship Medieval Multiple Protagonists Overpowered Protagonist Past Trauma R-18 Rape Royalty Sadistic Characters Sexual Abuse Slaves Torture Toys
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