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Manifest Fantasy
Manifest Fantasy
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In the clandestine depths of Area 51, U.S. Space Force Captain Henry Donnager is selected as leader of Alpha Team - a group chosen to unravel the mystery of an ancient, ring-like gateway.

Stepping through with expectations of advanced civilizations and alien races, they instead find Gaerra, where magic reigns and knights and wizards are commonplace.

Their sudden arrival, unbeknownst to them, ignites a powder keg of tension between native rival powers, threatening to plunge this new world into war. Driven by the scientific potential of Gaerra to secure an edge over Earthly rivals and a sense of duty to protect their newfound allies, the Sonaran Federation, the U.S. is compelled to maintain its foothold on this alien world, despite the escalating tensions and looming war.

As Alpha Team embarks on their journey, they must balance their roles as explorers, soldiers, and diplomats, all while their adventures unfold against the backdrop of a brewing conflict threatening to engulf them. With war looming and the U.S. clinging to its veil of secrecy, can these brave pioneers navigate an alien world without the promise of backup?

Adventurers Army Dragon Slayers Dungeons Elves Fantasy World Gate to Another World Guilds Gunfighters Kingdom Building Lost Civilizations Magical Technology Military Reincarnated into Another World Soldiers Special Forces Summoned Hero Sword And Magic Technological Gap Transported into Another World World Travel
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