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/ Series / The Overpowered Scholar
The Overpowered Scholar
The Overpowered Scholar
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3.8 (12 ratings)
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Sero Kassel’s life was mediocre. A college drop-out with a dead-end job, he had no motivation. Well, until the apocalypse suddenly happens. That's when surviving seemed like a pretty good motivator.

Unfortunately, Sero is immediately killed within seconds of the apocalypse starting.

In a stroke of luck, a chance meeting with a goddess grants him a second chance at life. On paper, it seems like things were looking up for Sero. But for some reason, he finds himself back on Earth a year later after his death. What's worse: his class is completely lame.

Stuck in a class he feels unsuited for, starting a year behind everyone else, and guided by an incompetent goddess, can Sero manage to turn his life around in this new world? Or will he resign himself to a life of mediocrity?

*First 100 Chapters under revision.*
*Also available on RoyalRoad ||*
*Regular updates every Monday. May update sporadically outside of schedule.*
*This is my first story, so I may not be the best at storytelling, but I hope you guys enjoy.*

Ability Steal Accelerated Growth Antihero Protagonist Average-looking Protagonist Beautiful Female Lead Earth Invasion Fast Learner Game Elements Goddesses Gods Harem-seeking Protagonist Hidden Abilities Jack of All Trades Lazy Protagonist Magic Modern Day Overpowered Protagonist Perverted Protagonist Resurrection Slow Growth at Start Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 5

    I can't really say anything nice about the MC, maybe he changes for the better in the later chapters, but, I can't stand the MC anymore.

    The reason is that he acts like a spoiled child from the start, he is told information at the start that would be useful to him, but just ignores it because oooh no he too good for that. So he ignores it, and guess what, he gets mad because he doesn't know something that he would have know had he just listened from the start... This a person who is supposed to have gone to college btw. There are other stuff he does early one that make me question his thinking prowess, but that would be entering spoiler territory.

    There is also the way characters interact with him. Woman love him at first chat/interaction, and Men are either in awe or jealous of him. It's just sallow. 

    His powers are super OP, so if he just listened he would have done everyone a favor by not acting like a child that didn't get the new toy they wanted. And the MC would be much happier.

    The premise of the story is nice, and honestly I would read it more of the MC was just more likable. He gets thrown into the future and has to start from zero, he has to survive ina world thats familiar but aways removed from anything he knows. Its honestly a good start that doesn't overwhelmed the reader with a bigger than life premise.

    And no I'm not expecting a 'holier than thou' MC, but what I am expecting is a person who has gone to college and has the reasoning abilities of someone his age. Not a kid in an adults' body.

    Maybe it gets better, maybe not.

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