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Jul 15, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Jul 15, 2019
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Marcelol · Feb 29, 2024

i just saw that paranoid mage got a webcomic version on WebToon, congratulations!

the_onez3 · Sep 22, 2023

I think you forgot to add chasing sunlight to scribblehub

melchi · Dec 30, 2022

Maybe add spacial manipulation to the tags on paranoid mage?  It doesn't look like it has any tags.

Overdrive2800 · Nov 26, 2022

Is space mages rare in the paranoid mage universe?

SMILEME · Oct 28, 2022

Please read Reincarnated in a game I need feedback to improve thanks

ImAPotato · Oct 18, 2022

The potato lords have permitted me 2 potato approvals today. Thus let it be decreed that this author is Officially Potato Approved. (Keep up the great work author sama)

Potato / Potato, would re-read if I had more time. clear.png

IllOmened · Jan 15, 2022

I hope you never feel like this, but if you are to ever feel that you are not a good writer, please look back to your last chapter comments of Blue Core. You have earned a special place in a lot of people's hearts and we all thank you for the experience of reading it.

Am_I_Un-Dead_Yet · Jan 24, 2022


JosephIMA12 · Sep 16, 2022

Thirded.  One of the greats.

BRENYNW · Nov 11, 2021

clear.pngin the early chapters i dont remember which one, there was an option to have blue use a body. Please use that

Shirokuma · Nov 27, 2020

If Blue uses dead plants to make biomass then won't the fungi he gained from the nucleus specialization decrease the amount of biomass obtained?

Fuxy · Oct 20, 2020

Could you please add more tags to your story.

It's a great story that isn't afraid of getting sexual so it would be great if it had more exposure.

I personally use the tags to figure out if I would enjoy the story contents...

JimSilver · Oct 7, 2020

Such a good story! Really love that you’ve managed an engaging, interesting story with consensual sex and a dungeon core, this is isekai done right!

ethrim · Mar 12, 2020

clear.png that's the worst moment to catch up, I've been binging for a while...

Well... At least tomorrow is Friday clear.png

Obligatory clear.png

Cheatlord640 · Dec 10, 2019

I’ve been recently reading blue and wanted to ask, how do you come up with the names for your characters? I notice you even give name to minor characters. As someone who writes sometime for fun, I really want to know.

InadvisablyCompelled · Author · Dec 11, 2019

I just do?  I just look at a character and think what should they be called.  Not helpful but that's how I do it.

Admittedly I have some things like having different species/cultures tend toward different types of names.  That helps a lot.

chaser15851 · Dec 3, 2019

I am thoroughly enjoying the story so far! Keep up the great work! clear.png?

Help · Aug 20, 2019

Is blue core dropped or are you just working on it? Sorry if I asked a stupid question, I like this

awake1122 · Aug 21, 2019

They update the story once a week on Fridays

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