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Jan 30, 2020

Joined: Jan 30, 2020
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Having a hundred ideas a day and throwing away ninety-nine for just one is insane. But creation was never meant to be reasonable.

CL · Author · Mar 7, 2022

Whenever you have a bad day, always remind yourself it is just a day. All days will have its end. There are many more days ahead of our lives. If not tomorrow or the next day, please, remember there will always be an opportunity to change.

On the change of the day, I hope the difference will invite a happiness we'll remember forever. clear.png

Cabbitgurl · Mar 7, 2022

Thank you

Thorkell_40k · May 16, 2022

Words of wisdomclear.png gotta write them down fastclear.png hurry hurry clear.png

CL · Author · Dec 18, 2021

I just want everyone to know and remember: no matter how much the world has screwed you over, while you live you can still laugh and find a reason to smile. clear.png

Cabbitgurl · Dec 18, 2021

Thanks... I hope someday I can believe you

CL · Author · Dec 18, 2021

Now-now, I caught proof of you laughing like a villain on December 14th. That probably isn't the best proof as it is in text, but I know you can express at least a moment of happiness. clear.png

CL · Author · Dec 9, 2021

Hi there! I want to share what I should have announced months ago and I apologize for such an inexcusable delay. Here goes...

Welcome (and thank you) all for your attention, I would like to direct it towards our anthology of stories from various participating authors on this years Mix Tape event:

Cabbitgurl · Dec 14, 2021

You did it, you joined us, unfortunately that means... you're one of us now, FOREVER Mwa ha ha ha ha!!!clear.png

CL · Author · Dec 14, 2021

I'm okay with that.clear.png

Elron · Oct 11, 2021

Your writing is beautiful. 

CL · Author · Oct 16, 2021

Thank you for the compliment. clear.png

CL · Author · Sep 20, 2021

Hello. clear.png

Thorkell_40k · Sep 1, 2021

AAAAAAAAA!!!!!! clear.png Thank you soooo much clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png You followed me without asking!!!! clear.png Thanks a lot!!!!clear.png this means a lot to me!!!! clear.png 

You series looks interesting clear.png you don't mind if I take it to my reading list right? clear.png 

Thorkell_40k · Sep 1, 2021

Your profile pic is a Dog!!!!!! clear.pngclear.pngI am a big fan of cats clear.png

But, no worries I agree dogs too clear.png
CL · Author · Sep 1, 2021

Thank you as well, Ninestar, for the follow. I, also, don't mind and, in fact, appreciate the gesture and for your interest in my series. clear.png

Thorkell_40k · Sep 1, 2021

Yay!!!!!! clear.png thank you so much!!!! clear.pngclear.png 

And you are always welcomed clear.png

CL · Author · Aug 11, 2021

This, what I've got here to say, is uncalled for and, probably, unwelcomed on a profile. But since I came across a topic of melancholy for those who were here, I don't know how you all respond to that kind of sadness, but, for me, when I look at a specific name here, this somebody who's gone for good, it hurts.

CL · Author · Aug 11, 2021

Tension rises around my eyes and, I hoped, that would be the beginning of me crying. Nothing. I get nothing but that pressure. Instead of letting this emotion out, it swells into a weight that crushes right down past my chest (I can physically feel it) and falls away into nothingness. No, this doesn't drop down into the pit of my stomach. Nothing poetic like that. It's that this burden just drops, drops, and drops on down, really low, into a place I can't get over.

Cabbitgurl · Aug 11, 2021

*offers hug* Thank you for sharing this. You are not unwelcome or uncalled for. It's perfectly okay to talk about this. I hope talking about it helps at least a little.

CL · Author · Aug 12, 2021

Yes, it does help. Thank you for responding to me. That is cool of you.clear.png

FBI · Jul 17, 2021

Hello good sir

CL · Author · Jul 17, 2021

Hello! Thank you for following me and that is a nice name you have there for me to be associated with. clear.png

FBI · Jul 18, 2021

Yes, a name with whome people want to be friends with.

CL · Author · Jul 18, 2021

Absolutely. clear.png

CL · Author · Jul 8, 2021

Simple Dating Advice: If you don't want them to go in for a kiss, just keep talking.

Queen · Jul 2, 2021

Hello,clear.pngclear.png I just want to say thank you so much for your comment, it actually helped me a little. I really appreciate a wonderful reader like youclear.pngclear.png

CL · Author · Jul 3, 2021

Hi. Thank you for letting me know I've succeeded in making your situation a little better. I, among others, want you to continue writing. You're imagining, creating, and sharing new realities with us. It's a fact that children would not be able to hold back from running off to explore new worlds. As for us adults, we learned the need to hold back that temptation or accept consequences. Commenters and, sadly, including reviewers, if they ever want more new content, they must apply more tact.

Agentt · Jun 22, 2021

Ceeeeeeeeeeealllllllllllll saaaaaaaaaaaannnnn

Agentt · Jun 30, 2021


But you are a cat! What kind of people won't come to play with a cat!

CL · Author · Jul 1, 2021

"What kind of people won't come play with a cat!"

Cautious people? I would think that I'd have to display much more trustworthy behavior. This is so everybody may feel secure on interacting with me. Not that I am unsafe (as if I am capable of harm from behind the lit screen), but, you know, I don't exactly have a lot on display in my profile to prove a point.clear.png

Agentt · Jul 1, 2021

Your page is filled with people thanking you to be kind

CL · Author · Jul 1, 2021

Good point... I still believe I need to put in much more effort for any form (good or bad) of attention. I'll be certain to work on that. clear.png

Queen · May 4, 2021

clear.pngclear.png thank you dearly for your kind words. I will keep resting and anytime I feel like I'm doing ok I will definitely write a few chapters and upload them. I really appreciate readers like you.clear.pngclear.png

Thank againclear.png. Here, have a cookie on me?

CL · Author · May 4, 2021

Thank you for listening and for the sweet treat. clear.png

Queen · May 4, 2021

Thank you ??

And I hope you get better soon,

Here, have a cookie ?clear.png

CL · Author · May 4, 2021

Thank you for the well wish and cookie. clear.png

DetectiveRed · Dec 31, 2020

HEY U SAID YOU LIKED THE FTM STORIES. If you have any feedback I greatly appreciate it

CL · Author · Dec 31, 2020

Thank you for letting me know.  I will be certain to let you know what I think.  clear.png

Malonymous · Dec 27, 2020

Sure thing, thanks for joining the thread earlier clear.png

CL · Author · Dec 27, 2020

Thank you for the opportunity to share my views.  clear.png

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    Having a hundred ideas a day and throwing away ninety-nine for just one is insane. But creation was never meant to be reasonable.

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