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Apr 2, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Apr 2, 2020
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Lordmod · May 24, 2024

Let me tell you that I loved your story very much and Idk how you could possibly not have been satisfied with it. I am sorry if I sound frustrated I don't actually want to be but I am. You cannot imagine how often my favorite stories fell victim to a rewrite that never came online or ever caught up with the original. So it is difficult for me to believe you will be the 'one'. We had such a good run. Just why? A rewrite can also make things worse than better. Perfection will never be achieved.

Alexandred007 · May 13, 2024

I saw your post on Patreon where you said you were rewriting the story, i just wanted to know if you would continue to post the existing chapters on Royal-Road and Scribble-Hub.

Lordmod · May 24, 2024

Oh great. Here it is again. One of the words I fear most: 'rewrite'! How often have I been forced to witness the unclassical cut-off drop of a great story because of a damn rewrite? I am so damn tired of hearing it. Not one story that was supposed to be rewritten ever returned. 

Sorry, I dropped that all off on you. It's my frustration spilling out. I thank you for the information on how one of my favorite stories has once again suddenly stopped living.

Alexandred007 · May 24, 2024

I don't think many people know this, but the chapters on patreon are mostly free, even those that have not been posted yet. And by the way, the rewrite has already begun on pareon, the intro has been posted. The last chapter of Alysara before the rewrite is chapter 251 if i remember correctly.

Wolfbane · May 12, 2024

Are you good? clear.png I just binged in three days The reincarnation of Alysara but noticed you haven't updated since february. I really enjoyed your story and would love to read more. clear.png

LunarSong · Mar 31, 2024

I was wondering if you'd be okay with me doing a stream read of your work? Like I want to read it on a stream? it's 100% understandable if you say no, and if you say no I'll listen.

Comiak · Author · Apr 7, 2024

I don't mind, as long as you tell the readers that it is a rough draft. I'm actually starting the rewrite but don't know how long it will take to make public.

LunarSong · Apr 8, 2024

I can 100% do that. I love your story so much. Thank you for allowing me to read it on a stream. 

Potatome · Jan 9, 2024

If this is offensive, tell me I will have it instantly removed

Milteo · Oct 12, 2023

are you having works irl because the updates dare pretty slow dude

RandomFanficFan · Sep 12, 2023

You good? Is there anything happening?

plot_xc · Sep 8, 2023

did you go on a break, or there is something like school rn?

and i have a question, there will be romance? because i find tana and our mc really cute, and if it isn't him its ok, just make a good male lead instead of a bad romance target if you want to make a romance

TheOneTurtle · Sep 5, 2023

Did you go on break

DarkPast · Jun 22, 2023

I read your story and man I haven't read this maybe a few months now and it only got like what 10 chapters XD I was expecting it to have 50 chapters or more but oh well

RatedOverr · Mar 31, 2023

Does Alysara have (or eventually have) any romance, specifically GL, someone recommended the novel when I was asking for some GL stuff, but since there isn't the tag I was just wanting to check

Comiak · Author · Apr 1, 2023

Nothing is planned and there isn't any currently.

Remlin379 · Jan 30, 2023

Please don't die

harukami · Jan 28, 2023

@Comiak did something happen? we got 3 chapters in January so far, but you haven't posted in almost 2 weeks. With the month break prior to this, I might be going into withdrawal. Jokes aside, I hope nothing's going on irl but if it is then take you're time. Thanks for the series!

aidan_lo · Jan 26, 2023

Binge read all of reincarnation yesterday, keep up the great work! 

Ahio · Jan 16, 2023

Hello! If you don't mind asking, is it the case that you've decided on '1 chapter a week' schedule? If yes, is it a permanent arrangement?

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