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Jan 1, 2019

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Joined: Jan 1, 2019
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back from the dead. between school and work and life, ive got less time for writing but ill try to get back into the swing of things

AllenHasFinallyAwoken · Aug 2, 2020

Man how have you been? I thought something had happened to you smh

Arexio · Author · Aug 4, 2020

ive been dead. hope youve been better ?

Arexio · Author · Jul 18, 2020

Allen clear.png

Arexio · Author · Jun 2, 2020

Rex is rushing out Chapter 3. 

However, Rex has encountered RL catching up to him again:

- On a professional level, it's good news.

- On an artistic level, it might slow down updates.

- On a personal level, Rex wants to go in a corner and escape responsibilities. Rex just wants someone to take care of him...clear.png

Back to writing~

This novel is getting a bit out of hand ngl. I didn't plan for some events to happen, but I guess this is what happens when I intentionally choose pants-ing over planning. clear.png

Arexio · Author · Jun 1, 2020


A lot has happened but let's just say even I didn't expect things to go the way they did. clear.png

Arexio · Author · May 27, 2020

Hi, I finally posted. It's a new series. Check it out if you like the following:

- The Sea

- Pirates

- Mermaids/Mermen

- What more do you need?


Arexio · Author · May 26, 2020

Meant to post first chapter for the contest today. Forgot. Oops. clear.png

Someone remind me tomorrow. Kthxbai. clear.png

Alverost · May 26, 2020

Where's the post? clear.png

Arexio · Author · May 26, 2020


Alverost · May 26, 2020

Good good. clear.png

Arexio · Author · May 26, 2020


Arexio · Author · May 21, 2020

Hello. clear.png

Two things

1) No, I am not back. I am in semi-lurk mode.

2) No, I cannot do Discord rn. RL has proven too troublesome, yet again. Sorry.

Anyway, hope you peeps are all safe and whatnot. Something something covid, something something quarantine. clear.png

Arexio · Author · May 21, 2020

Maybe I'll make a thread on the forums or something clear.png

Dountmindme · May 21, 2020

do it

Arexio · Author · May 21, 2020

It is done clear.png

Dountmindme · May 21, 2020


Ace_Arriande · Dec 2, 2019


Arexio · Author · Dec 6, 2019


SociableHermit · Nov 11, 2019

Hey there friend. I just saw that you've been posting comments on almost all of my novel's (Enlightened Empire) chapters during the time I was taking a break from writing. Although I kinda missed them as a result, they're still very much appreciated. Thank you for all the support! :D

Arexio · Author · Nov 12, 2019

Haha, I'm still making my way through that one -- it's great so far though. Keep up the good work, and I'm glad my blobs made your day~ 


SociableHermit · Nov 12, 2019


Phantomheart · Apr 18, 2019

*lurks* You can't get rid of me now, friend.

Arexio · Author · Apr 18, 2019

*lurks back* Touche, touche.

Kysil · Mar 4, 2019

\(°o°)/ doggy! Orky!

Arexio · Author · Mar 4, 2019

Haha he was my old profile pic on NUF before lil' houndour.

Praise the Orc is one of my favorites too.

Kuro_0ni · Jan 1, 2019

Welcome to Scribble Hub! Enjoy your Reading or Writing Experience~
Have a Happy New Year ヾ(◕ω◕)ノ

Arexio · Author · Feb 20, 2019

Sorry for the late reply but thanks. Came from NUF. Really digging this place.

Business · Jan 1, 2019

Welcome to Scribble Hub. Hope you enjoy your stay.

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    back from the dead. between school and work and life, ive got less time for writing but ill try to get back into the swing of things

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