Chapter 71: Grima
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The pain was unbearable as Maya's small frame ricocheted off one of the stone walls slamming against the ground with a sickening thud. One blow from the new Daphne was all it took to shattered three or four of her ribs.

"That sword technique hurt like hell you know."

"It's only fare i return the pain."

Daphne started to throw Maya around like a rag doll she was impossibly swift and hit like a brick Maya couldn't even put up a fight this monster was more terrifying than she dared to imagine.

By the time the beating was over both her legs were broken, all her ribs were split and her right eye was swollen shut.

"You want to know what my power is don't you?"

"Ugh..." Maya coughed up a cloud of blood.

"I guess i can tell you for old time sales."

"The devil inside me gives me Acceleration magic."

"I can accelerate or deaccelerate everything around me."

"And the best part is this is only 20% of my total output, what a joke you actually believed you stood a chance."

"Now than I'll kill you with a single blow."

"Goodnight, Traitor."

Daphne pulled Maya up buy her and with a swift motion decapitated the young inquisitor, satisfied with the carnage Daphne kicked the severed head and prepared to leave deciding not to bother with retrieving Mari.

"Such weaklings i really hoped for something more fun."

Heavy footsteps sounded from the darkness capturing Daphne's attention a figure moved through the shrouded darkness, moving with a deliberate confidence and swagger.

"What shit pile did you crawl out from?"

"And you are?" Daphne snickered.

"Just a very angry old man."

"Why the anger prey tell?"

"You just killed my daughter."

"Be more specific I killed three."

"I'm sorry baby, rest a little longer."

The old man removed his black jacket revealing his missing arm he turned to face Daphne without a trace of fear despite her monstrous appearance and penchant for dismemberment.

"I'm Yoshiki Eris's greatest weapon and your enemy, but more importantly right now I'm a grieving father."

"I'd planned on kicking your ass and taking the crest if the others failed, but i can't hold back after this. You're going to die today, Daphne."

"She talked a big game too before dying so easily. "

"Just shut up and fight already."

"it's your funeral."

Once more Daphne used her acceleration magic to like lightning delivering a titanic kick that to Yoshiki’s chest the impact was enough to tear a person in half but Yoshiki managed to tank the hit while only being knocked back a few feet.

“You’re still in one piece impressive.”

You call that a hit, that barely tickled.”

Yoshiki was bleeding from his lips but other than that he had endured the attack unscathed, as Yoshiki stretched the sound of glass shattering sounded out and a silver pendent that adorned his neck fell into sharp shards.

“Shit that’s not good.”

Aw did i break a precious family heirloom?”

What you just broke was my Grima.”

The cheap trinkets that alter your appearence?”

Why on earth would carry one of those trivial things?”

Hell there’s no stopping it now the cats out of the bag.”

Yoshiki’s disheveled locks of dirty brown hair started shifting changing from brown to a deep scarlet, his sapphire eyes were also dyed a similar shade of red. His cocky disposition had vanished and a stern expression had risen to take it’s place.

“That hair, those eyes...don’t tell me..” Daphne quivered

Why you trembling Daphne come on spit it out.”

There’s only one bloodline in the world with those traits...but you can’t be...”

Unfortunately i share the blood of that filthy lineage.”

Anyway let’s just fight.”

Bloodline aside You’re an enemy of Royal Family so ill put you down.”

Possession increase to 40%”

Daphne’s appearance became further distorted with her sclera turning red with black irises, a purple clock appeared behind her to indicate whether she was using acceleration or deacceleration.

“How scary, I’m shitting myself.” Yoshiki japed.

Daphne’s speed had more than doubled as she careened towards Yoshiki who was still adopting a neutral stance, Daphne swiped wit her left hand aiming for the nape of Yoshiki’s neck in order to decapitate him but the blow missed as Yoshiki emerged behind Daphne striking her in back of the head and sending her through one of the stone walls.

This pattern continued with Daphne attacking in a furious flurry of strikes with none of them hitting their mark only for Yoshiki to magically appear where she’s most vulnerable and deliver a devastating blow.

Daphne’s devil possession was taking a toll on her body as she coughed up a sizable puddle of black blood, she wouldn’t be able to keep this up for long so she would surely give in to desperation soon.

Time for a paradigm shift try this!”


There I’ve made it impossible for you to move.”

That’s a neat trick, I’ll you an A+ for effort.”

Those are poor last words, You’re finished.”

Daphne drew a dagger from the back of her dress and lunged towards the trapped Yoshiki

Twirling towards her target Daphne aimed for the mans heart knowing that the would have no way of defending against the attack. Right as the knife was going to penetrate his heart something strange transpired.

“You’re so weak it hurts.” Yoshiki yawned

He was standing behind her the dagger she had thrust had pierced only the air and Daphne trembled in confusion. “How did i escape when i couldn’t move, is what you’re wondering right? Yoshiki mocked.

“I’ll tell you in exchange for the broken bones i just gave you.”

What are you..argh.”

Daphne reverted back to her regular form with both her arms and legs broken Daphne shrieked in pain much to Yoshiki’s amusement. He knelt down and lifted her head by pulling her hair.

“How does it feel Daphne.”

How does what feel?”

To face an opponent you have no hope of defeating?”

Fuck you..”

Sorry i don’t swing for that team and you’re so not my type.”

“Before I tell you about my Noble Right do you know why i broke your limbs?”

“Argh..” Daphne cried

You killed four people i care about so i took retribution, I’m just petty like that.”

“Now about my Noble Right, Seijuro controls the sun, Setsuna has her voice, Mei can make things explode and I well mines not that impressive. Mine is the right of time.”

“Right of Time.” Daphne winced

You get it now you ugly bitch?”

You’re ability to control movement and velocity is impressive but to someone who commands time itself you might as well be a slug crawling in the dirt.’

“Such disgrace, Just kill me...” Daphne begged.

Believe me id love for what you did to them and countless others, but I’m a professional you’re not going to die today.”


You’ll be returning to the empire with us for interrogation, than you’ll stand trial for your atrocities. Daphne The Barbaric.”

“I am curious though tell me,Daphne how did someone as pathetic as you become my little brothers underling?”

“Go to hell traitor!”

Traitor? That’s rich coming from you.”

“You can stop talking now, okay?”

Yoshiki delivered a quick kick to the face rendering Daphne unconscious, once again Yoshiki managed to save the day despite everyone dying a gruesome death.