Epilogue (Season 1)
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A cloaked figure stands alone in vibrant green meadow as the cloudless blue sky darkens and the sun sinks gently into dusk. The smell of blood and decay is thick as it lingers in the brisk afternoon air.

Surrounding the mysterious denizen is hundreds of corpses.

Some fresh with bloody wounds and others half decayed and crawling with buzzing flies and pulsating maggots. The brushing of bushes alerted the figure to another presence. The figure strode forth with an unflinching confidence gracefully walking through the sea of rotting flesh without batting an eye.

The figure was a young woman in her twenties her cherry lips cocked and contorted into a malefic grin, her body was slender yet muscular. She was garbed in a plain white dress that accented her long platinum hair and piercing purple eyes.

The strong breeze caused a skull to fall from the neck of one of the decrepit corpses following the squall it landed squarely in the path of the woman who placed her foot atop the skull and crushed it without a lick of hesitance

“The storm has finally arrived” The cloaked figure said.

“Hmm” The woman responded.

“So tell me what has drawn The One who Devours Life Itself to my humble abode?”

“You know why I’m here.” The woman answered.

“Yes, yes your here to devour me I know but before all that answer me one last quizzical query, okay.”

“Fine I’m killing you either way just make it quick.”

“Now that you stand at the end of it all, was your bloody crusade of carnage worth it? That is my final enquiry to you, The Abyssal Emperor, Shinobu Shikishima.”