Chapter 6
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Name: Kitty
Race: Beastkin
Gender: ???
Class: Sex Slave
Rank: E-
Strength: 1
Endurance: 1
Finesse: 14
Intelligence: 5
Wisdom: 5
Charisma: 47
[Cleaning] - Level 2
[Cooking] - Level 1
[Cunninglingus] - Level 1
[Submissive] - Receives pleasure from obeying orders of higher-ranked individuals
[Adorable] - Charisma +20
[Perfect Skin] - Finesse +5, Charisma +5

I wanted to cry. My Status…why did my Status get so much worse of just a single night?

And how in the world was [Cunninglingus] an actual skill? What did it even do?

But the worst thing wasn’t my new pussy licking skill or the fact that I was now considered ‘adorable’. No, the worst part was my class. Being a slave was already horrible. Now I was a [Sex Slave].

From asking around before, I had learnt that your class decided the skills you could learn as well as the perks that you would receive upon ranking up. It also decided your attribute distribution. I felt this system was really unfair, not even letting me allocate my attribute points how I want to.

But since I was now a…[Sex Slave], the only skills and perks I would receive would be ‘sex’ related. How wonderful. I don’t think my life could get any worse then it is now.

If I was already getting a skill like [Cunninglingus] at my low rank, what were the skills like at S-rank?

Another odd thing was my rank-up speed. Most children wouldn't reach E-rank before they reached ten but I did it in ten days. This leveling speed was definitely not ordinary.

Perhaps I could use it to my advantage somehow. I was ranking up quite fast. I hadn’t even been here for half a month and I had already gained a full rank. Even if the earlier ranks were easier to climb, my speed was still considered better than top-tier. Perhaps it was due to the blessing or, maybe, it was the fact that I was the personal [Sex Slave] to a very high level person. I had heard you gain ranks faster when doing challenging activities according to your class. Another possibility was that it just had to do with me already being an adult and having my status reset.

But one thing was for sure. I had to keep ranking up. if I couldn’t keep up my leveling speed…would Mistress Lilith eventually grow tired of me? She had hundreds of woman in her harem of all kinds. I had not seen any of her retainers or demon knights, but even her servants and slaves were top-tier beauties. If I lost her protection…

The reason for my leveling speed didn’t matter that much. As long as I continued to rank up, my skills and perks would get stronger and stronger. Eventually, I might even get something that could deal with my mistress or help me escape. The system was my only ally right now, I had no other choice but to depend on it. I did not want to be abandoned.

I had seen a number of things during my week as a maid that continued to give me nightmares.

The first time was on my third day in this world. It was my first day working independently and I had gotten lost in the castle. As I kept walking trying to find my way back to my room, I heard a high-pitched shriek. I had almost wet my pants at the sound, thinking it was a ghost. Considering the things I’ve seen in the past week, it wouldn't be too unusual. Before I could move, another scream echoed out across the hallways. This time, the scream was from another girl as the pitch was slightly lower. Eventually, the hallway was enveloped in screeches, whimpers and occasionally moaning from various different woman. I wanted to run but my legs had been frozen in place, trembling in fear. Finally, I plucked up my courage and ran, never looking back.

The next time was on my sixth day as a maid. I was sweeping the hallways and came across a cute elf girl crying in the corner. At first I thought she was just a new girl like me unused to the heavy work, but once I drew closer I saw whip marks all over he thighs and bruises along her neck. I still shivered from the look in her eyes. They were hollow and lifeless, like she was only waiting to die.

Would I become like that once my mistress became bored?

I suppose my life wasn’t all that bad at the moment. I only had to work six hours a day, although they were six long, grueling hours of hard work considering my very poor endurance. I also got to sleep about 12 hours a day thanks to my poor endurance.

Standing up from my bed, I threw off my dirty nightwear from last night.

My skin crawled just from thinking about the events of last night. Too humiliating! In my mind though, I knew it would only get worse from here.

I looked in the mirror, admiring my naked body. It was truly a beautiful body. Perfect curves, perky breasts and a cute butt. While my body wasn’t incredibly sexy like Mistress Lilith’s, it still had its own charm. If I had to describe it, it had more of adorable appeal. If it had been another girl, I would definitely find this body very attractive though.

But this was my body. And I hated it. My body was so small and frail.

Seeing my body slowly become more feminine made me feel completely helpless. In Mistress Lilith’s eyes, I was already nothing more than her personal sextoy, a tool for her pleasure, my life had no other meaning. I’m sure she will be delighted once she finds out about my class change.

I began to put on a set of pink lingerie. All my clothes were either white or pink according to Mistress Lilith’s instructions. When I asked why, she explained that they were the colours that best fit a cute, little girl like me. I didn’t dare ask for other colours; it would only end in punishment.

I knew I would not be escaping this hellhole through fighting or running. No matter how strong I got, I would never be able to escape Lilith. She was on a completely different level. This body had only one purpose. To obey Lilith.

The problem was I could not stop my transformation. It was getting worse and worse each day. Just a few touches from Mistress Lilith can make me excited. I was far too sensitive and the pleasure I felt from stimulation was too much for any person to handle. I knew I was on a time limit, eventually I would become a mindless slave to that pleasure.

I jumped a little as I heard the creak of the door. Was I always this easily flustered?

“Kitty, its time to start work. Quickly get dressed.”

Noticing it was Miss Elizabeth, I let out a sigh of relief. But in my heart I also felt some disappointment. While Mistress Lilith was the person I hated most, the pleasure she gave me was truly too addicting.

“Yes, ma’am.” I quickly responded and hurried to the closet.

“Today, you’ll be working in the northeastern wing of the castle today. One of the girls was injured during her nightly duties so you’ll have to replace her for a few days.” Miss Elizabeth explained as I pulled my dress on.

I didn’t like how she stressed nightly duties. What was the maid doing at night that got her injured?

“Wear this as well”, she said as she handed me a white pet collar. Attached to the collar was a pink heart with KITTY written across it. Looking at the smaller words under the name, my face froze.

‘Property of Lilith Hadias’. It was humiliating enough to hear others telling me I was just property that belonged to someone else. Having to wear it around my neck…I felt my face heating up in embarrassment.

“This marks you as the property of Mistress Lilith. While all the girls in the main part of the castle know not to touch you, the northeastern wing isn’t under the direct control of the Demon Lord and the maids there serve one of her subordinate demon knights. The demon knight who lives there is a bit…eccentric. If any of the girls give you trouble, just point at your collar to show them that you're an owned pet. Some of them might be a bit busy staring somewhere else.” She said with a smirk, and her gaze fell to my newly budding breasts.

“Alright now hurry along, Kitty. And make sure you curtsy when introducing yourself to the girls.”

I could already tell this was going to be a long day.