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#ProjectMirAIs #HanaHomura #AokoRyuusei #AlfiTitor #EXPOSED
1,234,666 views • Nov 26, 2024

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Aoko and Alfi start drama live?!?! Who's the little girl in the back?



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[Meincraft] Mining with Hana!✌(>‿◠)(^◡^)
Alfi Titor Ch.
13K views • 3 days ago

[Just Chatting] Good morning… or something
Aoko Ryuusei Ch.
2.2K views • 2 days ago

[Neighboring Malice] Let’s play more horror! 
Hana Homura Ch.
5.4K views • 10 days ago

Aoko Doesn't Understand Simps 
VTube Rengoku
453K views • 2 days ago

Alfi's Love Confession
666K views • 2 days ago

Hana Breaks Character
AutumnBranch Translations
425K views • 5 days ago

The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread
JustinPlays ✓
2M views • 1 days ago

[For Yue] 
John Titor Ch. ✓
42M views • 2 days ago


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StraightGarbage 10 minutes ago
Queen is being clumsy as always lol
[+1.3K][-] [<3] REPLY
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DigitalSubs 9 minutes ago
[+9.2K] [-] REPLY

DragonSimp4Life 9 minutes ago
The fiasco was 100% Queen's fault
[+4K] [-] REPLY

AokoEnthusiast 7 minutes ago
Those bounce physics... *Chef's kiss*
[+10K] [-] REPLY

5 minutes ago
Now if only she could be clumsy enough to open her DMs...
[+100K] [-] REPLY

HallowedKnight 3 minutes ago
@StepOnMeAoko Go to horny jail
[+1K] [-] REPLY

StepOnMeAoko 2 minutes ago
@HallowedKnight Only if Aoko-chan is the warden.
[+154] [-] REPLY

PickledEggplant 1 minute ago
I wish Hana was that clumsy... 
[+1] [-] REPLY

RighteousPenguin 30 seconds ago
@PickledEggplant OI! She's 16!
[+] [-] REPLY

PickledEggplant 1 minute ago
@RighteousPenguin I'm just saying!
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AlfisKnight 5 minutes ago
Stop spreading fake news!
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edgelord101 1 minute ago (edited)
stop wite knighting
[+1] [-] REPLY

Alfis_OldChair 2 minutes ago
@edgelord101 stop playing battleroyales and get a life
[+111] [-] REPLY

ALFI VIRUS 2 seconds ago
Right? People like these are the reason why there aren't more VTubers in the first place!
[+45] [-] REPLY

RedLion 4 minutes ago
Some people just love leeching off of others...
[+4K] [-] REPLY

Alex 4 minutes ago
Lol aren't you overreacting a bit much? It's true, isn't it?
[+102] [-] REPLY

Ryan 4 minutes ago
@Alex Even so, the clickbait doesn't help. It's just like all those people making PewDuhPie's relationship with his wife look bad.
[+1K] [-] REPLY

JKEnthusiast 3 minutes ago
Forget the fake news, I want to know who that l- little girl's voice belonged to.
[+756] [-] REPLY

ResponsibleBeaver 2 minutes ago
@UTube how to report someone else's comment?
[+1337] [-] REPLY

Quincy Adams 1 minute ago
@ResponsibleBeaver Don't worry. I reported him. We don't need people like that on UTube.
[+100] [-] REPLY

LyingSnake 1 second ago
@Poppy Gloria ✓ We need our most reliable source of news!
[+1] [-] REPLY
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Hana's Oniichan 10 minutes ago
Looks like Hana has a cute kouhai now!
[+9.2K] [-] REPLY
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NecroPhil_IA 10 minutes ago
Is it just me, or is the tension between Alfi and Aoko a bit thick?
[+16] [-] REPLY

JohnTitorIA497 1 minute ago
Oh crap. I forgot to set the schedule.
[+45K] [-] REPLY
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ElephantMusk 30 seconds ago
Lol John
[+1] [-] REPLY

Serena 30 seconds ago
Why did you change your name?
[+] [-] REPLY

BetaTit0r 1 hour ago
You are fortunate that I am busy at the moment. But expect to hear from our legal team soon.
[+1K] [-] REPLY
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LucidGaze 50 minutes ago
Wait a minute... It's a fake!
[+8K] [-] REPLY

BETA VIRUS 55 minutes ago
Somebody's brave...
[+9K] [-] REPLY
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*THE TRUTH* 1 hour ago
[+] [-] REPLY
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HappyVainGlory 1 second ago
My bad everyone. Next chapter's still being worked on- Oh crap. This isn't an Author's Note. How do I delete a comment?
[+455K] [-] REPLY
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Rena Won 1 second ago
lol You're as unreliable as ever, huh?
[+1] [-] REPLY

Neol Won 1 second ago
@Rena Won Why are you here?
[+] [-] REPLY

Rena Won 1 second ago
[+1] [-] REPLY

AppleLover 30 minutes ago
Thumbs up if you're watching in 2021!
[+2K] [-] REPLY

PinkPanther 1 hour ago
[+125] [-] REPLY