Chapter 42 – Possibility
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“Nee-san, what are we going to do today?!”

Felt asked Arturia when she reached her. Both of them had gotten closer these past few days, and Felt began to think of Arturia as her real sister.

“I have to ask something to Rom. I heard that the mercenaries that you sent to protect that boy had returned. I wanted to talk to them.”

“Oh, those guys, huh? I can call them if you wanted to, nee-san.” Said Felt as she raised her right hand.

Rom looked at Felt with a smile and Arturia patted her head.

Arturia was only a bit taller than Felt, but because their hair was similar, they looked like sisters that got along well.

Merlin stopped beside Rom and looked at them with a smile on his face as he held his wand with his right hand.

“Then I am counting on you.” Said Arturia as she pulled her hand from Felt’s head.

“Ou! Wait here for a minute, I will call them quickly!”

Felt ran with a fast speed after she said that. She waved her hand when she was running and Arturia sent her with a smile.

When Felt was gone from her sight, her expression turned serious, and looked at Rom.

“Any information about other camps, old man Rom?”

Her tone changed into a stern tone.

She had asked Rom for information that Merlin couldn’t cover. Merlin indeed had Clairvoyance, but Arturia preferred to keep his ability a secret.

They still didn’t know any strange abilities that someone had in this world. That was why Merlin suggested to not use the Clairvoyance as much as he can.

Both of them knew a person that could detect Clairvoyance, and that person even realized that he was under Merlin’s watch.

Arturia knew that person was special, as he was her knight. But, that proves Merlin’s Clairvoyance could be detected by someone in this world.

To gain information, they must rely on the traditional method. Word of mouth and espionage.

“Young miss, it was surprising that you can change your tone easily. It still surprises me ‘till this day.” Said Rom as he laughed.

“She has a great teacher.” Merlin added Rom's words and nodded his head repeatedly as he crossed his arms.

Arturia looked at Merlin with a strange expression. Even if Merlin was her Tutor, all he did was teach her the basics.

Rom noticed Arturia’s expression and laughed louder.

“Hahaha, both of you are really close to each other. Well, putting that aside, let’s go inside.”

Rom pointed at the door of his house. Arturia nodded her head at Rom, acknowledging the gesture. He turned away and guide Arturia and Merlin inside the house.

All of the pieces of furniture inside the house were repaired, that was including the bar that was destroyed in Elsa’s attack.

Rom gestured for Arturia to sit on the bar. She and Merlin sat side by side and Rom put two mugs of drink in front of them. Merlin’s staff was put against the bar, and he looked at the mug happily.

Because he was told that Arturia had already an adult, he gave both of them red wine, a delicacy in the slum.

After giving them the drinks, Rom started to talk.

“There are no strange movements from Priscilla and Anastasia camps. Crusch Karsten-sama is busy with the party and she is trying to deepen the relationship of her camp with the noble.”

He paused a little, and Arturia noticed something strange.

“How about Emilia camp?”

Rom had excluded Emilia camp from the report. It was strange.

He shook his head and answered.

“My boys can’t find them. After that boy had recovered from the wound that he got from the Sloth Archbishop, he tried to find the Margrave."

“Ah, the said the best Magician of this Kingdom. I wanted to meet him.” Said Merlin as he put his elbow on the bar, holding a cup in his hand.

“Yes, Roswaal L Mathers. He didn’t present in his territory, and his location was unknown.”

“Oh, that’s interesting. So Emilia camp made their move to find Roswaal L Mathers?” Asked Arturia.

Rom nodded his head in approval.

“That’s what I thought. But, then my boy heard something from the villagers in Mathers territory. They said that the boy, Subaru, suddenly had a scary look on his face when he was walking around the village. It happened suddenly as if he realized something right at that moment.”

Arturia’s eyes widened at that and looked at Merlin.

Merlin also looked back at Arturia with a smile on his face.

“Something happened, and it was centered at the boy again.” Merlin said.

Arturia nodded her head seriously.

“Then as we thought previously?” Asked Arturia.

Merlin didn’t say anything, he just nodded his head affirmatively.

Arturia then looked at Rom and said.

“Thank you, old man Rom. I will trouble you with the other thing.”

“That’s enough? Fine, just leave that to me. I had decided to help you and joined your camp after all.” Rom said with a smile on his face.

His smile was a kind one, it was in a contrast to his scary face. Although he was huge, he was really kind inside.

Arturia smiled at him and stood up. Merlin also stood up after emptying his mug.

“Thanks for the drink.” He said to Rom.

“Ou, come back again. I can only help that much.”

“That’s enough, I really appreciated your help.” Said Arturia as she walked away.

Merlin followed her and they exited Rom’s house.

“Future sight or some kind of time traveling. That boy, Subaru, now we are certain about something.” Said Arturia in a low voice that could only be heard by Merlin.

They stopped in the alley of the slum.

Merlin put his hood on and cast a bounded field to prevent any prying eyes.

“Yes, my King. You said that you are certain that boy was from Earth, right?”

Arturia nodded her head.

Merlin’s face turned serious and he said.

“Then there is a possibility. That boy, he could be a Magician who wields the Fifth Magic, Blue. Or, he could even be the wielder of Second Magic, Kaleidoscope. Technically, that Magic also involved Time. If he’s from Earth, that possibility can’t be erased.”

“This turn into something absurd at a fast speed.” Arturia muttered as he held her head with her right hand.

“Indeed.” Answered Merlin.

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