Chapter 26- Memories
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Electricity is a pain in the ass!

According to Tulip, there are three stages to Elemental Magic. Basic, advanced, and divine.  

Basic, consisted of holding the element in your hand and throwing it at someone's face. Don't take it as weak however as its power depends on how much Divine energy the user puts into it. This makes it the most useful in a pinch due to it being instant.

Advance requires a spoken chant or incantation, as well as a lot of focused energy. Meaning it needs time to charge. However, with very specific instructions given during the chant, you can do practically anything. Hell, if I worded my chant properly I could probably charge my cell phone, or to the other extreme set of my very own EMP blast.

Divine... I'm just going to say right off the bat. NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. Basically it involves runes. The same ones Tulip used to give me my divine power that allows me to do all the really cool hero stuff. It also happens to be the written language of God. As cool as it would be to think that I could hold down a conversation with the Big Man himself. It just looks like way too much of a headache.


A thunderbolt just exploded in the palm of my hand. "OOOOWWWW!" GOD DAMN IT!" I held my hand as if trying to keep it in place. Could you blame me? My hand felt like it just got removed!

"Ow, ouch, you almost had it that time too."

Tulip and I were on my pocket dimension's lawn practicing some magic, it wasn't going well. Those magical girls in that anime I watched at Liz's place made this shit look easy. All they needed was the power of friendship and they were good to go.

For me what I needed was a fundamental understanding of the elements involved. In other words, I needed to pay attention during High School physics class. At the time my only thought on the matter was. "how will this shit apply to me in the future?" If I knew then what I know now. Then again if I did, I would have kept my mouth shut back at the park, that way a certain Pixie couldn't hear me.

"AHH, that was the Fifteenth time!" 

"The first four didn't explode on you though. They just kind of fizzled, so think of this as progress." Tulip assured me. I was doubtful. She noticed this. "How about we take a break?" 

"If you think it's for the best." I sighed and, decided to go inside.

"You know, I read that hero's often found fire the easiest to control, maybe..." I cut her off.

"No, we're not doing fire."

She looked at me puzzled. "Hey, when I granted that wish you had a big burn scar on your back and shoulders..." I cut her off again. This time with more force.

"Yeah I did, now drop it!"

"EEP, ok. I'm sorry."

I dropped my head in shame. She didn't deserve that. I lifted my head back up and looked her in the eye. "No, I'm sorry. Just leave it alone alright."

"Alright, let me know when you want to go on patrol." With that, she opened her own gate out and when back.

I went into my house, through the back kitchen door, and flipped the switch for the light. Funny how that worked, completely off the grid, but I still have power. Water and the Internet too. Anything I wanted inside my dimension, was brought here at my whim. I AM THE GOD OF MY DOMAIN!

Apparently, there is more godlike stuff I can do with this place, but I haven't tried any of it yet or asked for specifics. Probably should.

In my bedroom, I sat at a desk at the left corner across the doorway. Opening up a laptop I checked the time. It was still early in the night. Tulip had me covered with an illusion of myself sleeping. So I wasn't worried about anyone freaking out because they couldn't find me.

I pulled up the web browser and searched how Lighting worked, in another tap I had basic electrical engineering, and another on EMPs. I seriously wanted to do that, I'm not sure what it was about it but the thought of taking out whole power grids made me feel more than a little mischievous. It's a good thing I'm a good person anyone else with this kind of power could be problematic. 

Midnight approached and it would seem that no amount of magical enhancement could keep my eyes from hurting, from staring at a bright LED screen for too long.

Closing my eyes pinching my temple, and leaning back in my chair. I let out a great heavy sigh. I needed to look at something else for a while. Setting my head back I looked at the ceiling, then slowly brought my eyes down on a picture that I kept above my desk. It was a family portrait.

There was my no good late mother. Even to this day, it was painful to think of her that way. If she only had just kept it together after Dad died. The wine, losing her job, then losing her minimum-wage job, then the one after that, and again and again and again, more wine.

My brother back when we were buds. Looking back there were red flags all over the place, warning me that he was going into a bad place. Blaming myself is what made me try to help him out of his slump in the first place.

Then finally myself. I was in my military uniform. This was taken just days before I shipped off. My mother hated that uniform. Hated me joining the army, accused me of running away from my family. Yep, I didn't even try to deny it back then. I was sick of being angry all the time, sick of living paycheck by paycheck to pay her bills. I was straight out of high school and not a single college or university would have a low grade, angry Asian kid, who picks fights with anyone who looks him in the eye wrong. 

I heaved out yet another sigh. Memory-lane was depressing. 

Still not yet midnight, but I was as ready to head out as I would ever be. Time to visit the office. Time to clear my name.


Originally was going to place the office visit, and that first bit of training in the same chapter but then thought the MCs trip down memory lane was a good stopping point. I hope this being a short chapter isn't a disappointment.