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/ Series / Magical Girl Vigilante
Magical Girl Vigilante
Magical Girl Vigilante
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37 Year old Timothy JacksonBurg. After surviving the middle east as an army ranger, then later as special forces, he came home to find his little brother in the worst way, homeless and no money he tried to help but found that his selflessness had cost him. Without much of a penny left to his name, and nothing to lose he used the last of his cash on a lotto ticket. To his great surprise, he won not the jackpot or anything, but 25 grand to be exact. Now, most people would spend that money day's before the poor bank tellers could put it in a vault, But not Tim. He invested, let that 25 grand grow larger and larger, Started himself a small business.

Well, things, of course, have to go wrong eventually, and they did. Now we find a stressed-out man sitting on a park bench late in the afternoon. Watching a group of little girls playing frisbee with the family dog. On top of stress, the sight of the girl's fun made him feel old and nostalgic.

That's when Tim made a harmless wish if it were a question one might call it rhetorical. Try telling that to a wish happy pixie named Tulip. Thus begin's Tim's life as 9-year-old Lilyana Rose, and his adventures as a Magical Girl to win back what he lost.

Part 2
Timothy JacksonBurg was turned into a little girl by a Pixie. After a few months of fighting crime to regain his masculinity, Timothy grows closer to the foster family he found himself with, forcing him to ask a question. Should he stay the daughter they think she is or reach his goal no matter the cost.

ActionAdultDramaGender BenderMatureSupernatural
Age Regression Crime Criminals Cute Protagonist Demons Female Protagonist Firearms Friendship Gunfighters Loli Magic Magic Beasts Magical Girls Male to Female Mature Protagonist Mythical Beasts Mythology Organized Crime Police R-18 Ruthless Protagonist Siblings Store Owner Terrorists Wishes
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    Status: update and merry christmas!

    So a very interesting read with a start of a misunderstanding between the MC and the fairy. Then to fix this the fairy may have 


    broken some laws, by making the MC a crime-fighting hero!


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