Author note: Sorry for the unplanned hiatus.
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Wow 2020 remained soul destroying up to the very end and chaos is continuing into New Year. I hope my readers managed to stay safe and find some enjoyment and rest in this recent holiday period.

So I decided to write this for you all because I feel you need an update and while I have been working up the courage to do this for over a week, I was faltering until I received a bolstering comment on the chapter overnight.

So aside from the recent reemergence of Covid and Covid precautions and restrictions in my country, My last month or two have been a not been enviable. I have been dealing finding a reliable and stable source for my HRT since the retirement of my endocrinologist in mid 2019 and this year right as I was going to get my hormone implants replaced my doctor quit without warning, then I went to another doctor who fucked me around and ultimately tried to change things on me. In the end I fell back on a Doctor I trust and got my implants done.

(CW: Potentially Gross Medical talk)


Unfortunately due to some subdermal scar tissue from a previous set of hormone implants, my body had trouble healing and due to the scar tissue elastically pushing one of the pellets up and outwards the wound struggled to heal and two weeks afterwards reopened got infected and pushed one of the two pellets out. Thankfully I was able to get on antibiotics the following morning and see my doctor the day after on New Years Eve. In good news while I still finishing the course of antibiotics, the infection is good and the wound has healed and one of the pellets remains and another is on order to be implanted at a different site.


On top of dealing with the pandemic and medical stuff, I have been dealing with a lot of seasonal stress due to handling having extra family around (had some family trapped here when the pandemic reemerged and other family who had flown in from overseas and were in hotel quarantine when it did reemerge so they were here and ended up in the house for an extended period after they were released (thank good most of the family didn't come).

So at this point while the storm hasn't quite passed yet, I can see clear skies on the horizon and am itching to write again once I have recovered from stress and medical stuff is sorted. I really really really can't wait to get back to writing for you all and reading all the positive comments you leave on my chapters!