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Mad World
Mad World
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Enter a world full of mind boggling phenomena and mystery. Full of anywhere from dream-like landscapes, to actual dreams and visions that question the observer to whether they were actually windows to other realities. The lines of physical matter and substance, and the intangible and idealistic planes above them, are blurred constantly.

We follow a young boy with a genius talent for combat, captured and thrown into slavery after his village was torn by the flames of war. Reminiscent of past glories, the young scoundrel's hot blood betrays him, leading him down a path to unraveling the secrets of the slave town, the gigantic sprawling city of caves where the slaves reside beneath it, and even further below, to where lies the mystery of the world's first ending.

Numerous characters of different factions come into contact with the young boy, as they too grow and change. Experiencing pain, joy, love, grief, suffering and growth, molding them into the characters they decide to be. Whether they force themselves to be a certain way, or whether they reject how the world wishes them to be.

The path to higher power and might, involves metaphysical, abstract, and somewhat occult-like elements.

The world heals after its second end and new beginning. Focusing on energy manipulation, bloodlines, magic and other supernatural mysteries.

Yet in certain areas, there lies the living technology of the previously destroyed era. Whether they be resources of cultivation in the form of nuclear cores, or something more sinister...

Enter first, into the unraveling of the first mystery.

Adventurers Appearance Changes Aristocracy Bloodlines Body Tempering Character Growth Cosmic Wars Demi-Humans Dreams Eye Powers Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Magic Multiple Protagonists Multiple Timelines Protagonist Strong from the Start Soul Power
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Table of Contents
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