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/ Series / Just Saiyan [DBZ/DC]
Just Saiyan [DBZ/DC]
Just Saiyan [DBZ/DC]
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4.5 (155 ratings)
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A person wakes up in a Saiyan body, however, he soon realizes that he isn’t in the Dragon Ball Universe.

He is an anomaly stranded in a different universe, a different multiverse and when the Man of Steel stands against him, the Dark Knight stalks him from the shadows and the warrior princess points her blade at the Saiyan, how will he manage?

Will survival be his only goal or will he overcome the odds and become something… More.

My schedule: 1x 4k-5k Chapter per week on Monday, at 6 pm. CET time.

ActionAdultDramaFanfictionHaremIsekaiMartial ArtsRomanceSmut
DC Comics DC Universe Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Super Dragon Ball Z
Character Growth Crossover Early Romance Godly Powers Heroes Mind Control Overpowered Protagonist Past Trauma Polygamy Psychic Powers R-18 Revenge Secret Identity Transmigration Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 85: i am back

    Unfortunately, the author sh*t in our soup.  It was good up to this point, with good character building and a decent attempt to actually make a polyamorous relationship make sense.  That was until this chapter.  Heavy spoilers ahead:

    This is set in DC so obviously, there are other timelines and time-travel shenanigans.  So what does the author do?  He forces the MC to merge with a separate version of himself from a different timeline.  This sets an extremely bad precedent as well as shove a ton of "relationship growth" without any actual context.

    The precedent is now set that the main character's personality, memories, etc can and will change at the drop of the hat for lazy writing.  This was used to add wonder woman to the relationship with a relationship entirely built off-screen.  The personality of Nate (the MC) was also drastically affected and most of his mindset has shifted major paradigms.

    The main character has effectively died and been replaced by a fusion of two different entities.  I have lost all interest in continuing a story with an entirely different main character who we now know can have his entire existence change at the whimsy of the author.

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    Status: chapter 64: time travel

    This is definitely a "hidden gem" of a story.

    It's not because it's another DC universe fan-fic.  It's not because someone with the powers of a Saiyan is in it.

    It's because both elements are mixed together well in a consistent and well-thought out story.  There is a reason for everything our protagonist does, and seeds for future plotlines are there in the story from the very beginning.

    What is better is that it's not just our hero (or anti-hero) who acts reasonably according to their character.  The other heroes and villains in the story do as well.  Yes, the overall thread is there because the author is following most of the plot of the Justice League animated series.  The point of view, though, is mostly from our Saiyan from another universe.  What is even better from my perspective is that he is a human from our Earth (or a similar one) who died, was transmigrated into the body of a Saiyan, and then ended up in the DC universe.

    That is where a good part of the appeal of the story is for me.  Sure, it's great to have the power of a Saiyan.  And then you can use that power to fight and grow stronger.  But there are still issues he needs to overcome.

    How can he manage to get all the food he needs to eat?  Saiyans need a lot of food, and it is addressed from time to time in the story.  What about Zenkai boost?  He gets them of course, but he is in a world that doesn't have Senzu beans or healing chambers.  Getting an arm broken or ribs puncturing a lung is more serious in the DC universe.  What about finding Earth?  Or when he does, what does he do for money?  Can he keep a fairly low profile and out of the hands of villains or governments to keep himself from becoming a prisoner or experimented on?

    Then you realize that some of these villains are serious business.  Should he kill them and keep them from escaping prison like they do in the stories, or should he capture them and turn them in like "real" heroes do?  Should he bother being a hero at all?

    All these questions and more are addressed in the story and are part of what kept me reading it until well past 1am, when I ran out of chapters.

    It's also a story about personal growth.

    Not just as a Saiyan, with power levels and a striving to become a Super Saiyan.  There's also struggles as his Saiyan love for combat fights with his sense of reason as a normal human being.  How far should he go when he fights?  Or how risky should he be when he fights the strong?  (Remember, healing is a bigger issue for him here than in the DBZ universe).

    In addition, he also grows as he develops various relationships.  Yes, there is romance.  Yes, there is s*x.  Remember that he is struggling with his Saiyan nature too, so it's a struggle for him at times to balance his Saiyan need for training, fighting and growing stronger while trying to manage real relationships with real people with real feelings.

    Can he trust anyone with his secrets?  Can he work alongside heroes or is he too bound up in reconciling his Saiyan heritage with his former human self to trust and in turn be trusted?

    If you're interested in DragonBall Z, you'll definitely like the story.  If you're interested in a DC Universe fanfic, you'll definitely like the story.

    What is great is that if you like both DBZ and DC Universe, you'll love how both have been combined.

    It's 64 chapters going in and it feels like his story still has a lot of life left in it.  I am definitely looking forward to more.

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    Status: chapter 81: monster

    Falls apart around chapter 60-something.
    Story was pretty awesome until the time travel arc. Given the author's pace, I'd definitely consider a haitus and rewrite, jumping back to the start of the alternate timeline's BS and getting rid of it. Honestly, I'm not a fan of reality/dimension jumping either (think that Marvel screwed themselves with the multiverse).

    My reasoning?... well, with time travel and dimension hopping, choices are now meaningless. If choices lack perminence and consequense, and if by tossing a coin into the timestream everyone's choices are undone, then who cares what anyone does.  This is demonstrated by this MC who...


    ... based on looking at a single photo, decides not to be a major asset to the Justice League, takes up a life of crime, decides to shack up with a couple teens instead of having a family with Wonder Woman... etc.

    Time travel also suffers from causality issues. Example, you will read that that the MC meets Raven in his timeline BECAUSE there is an invasion that leads to him meeting and bringing Raven with him when he travels to the past, and that later choice is what caused the earlier invasion in the same timeline... which makes no sense.... This is the whole "you met your future son and decided to abort causal loop" that should e an impossibility because it would lead to the universe looping infinitely and cause the destruction of a universe/timeline, or loop until the circumstance/"choice" doesn't exist, but somehow doesn't.

      It just seems like a lazy way for the author to justify any changes he likes in his story without needed to explain things. "Well, now it is this way because something must have happened off-page in this reality/timeline's backstory, but trust me, while everything is COMPLETELY different, it totally makes sense... trust me/the timeline."  The way this author is doing things also just cements the fact, from the perspective of his MC, that these alternate superhero/magical universes are totally fake and unreal, since they all resemble fictionalized versions of DC timelines that already played out in his non-magical/mundane universe.

    Following is a rant about multiverses, alternate timelines, and retconning established heroes.


    Why are writers casually resurrecting/recasting/s*x-changing/brownwashing/whitewashing established heros or villians, "passing the mantle" for "reasons" either; is it that hard to create a new hero name and set of powers for a hero that would be interesting to readers, such that you must ice a character to steal or repurpose a hero "brand"?  To me, it would make as much sense as if I decided to change my name to Martin Luthor King and start appearing in public places to give speeches on race equality. 

    It is only done to cash in on a brand. About as authentic and original as the "hero" Booster Gold, with half the the good intentions. 

    Foremost, It trivializes the symbol that the original hero worked to establish and mocks their sacrifice. Also, it is kind of insulting for the rest of the non-powered universe who now seem a bit more incompetent because they somehow can't manage to copy/imitate those super-powers, since apparently, those sets of powers are regularly and conveniently swapped around and/or gained/lost.  #superpowersareunique


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    Status: c0

    Too much sneaky things going around (really 3 identities?), doesn't feel like a Saiyan to me. MC is kinda a hypocrite which is a turn off for me and killing Darkseid is just hilarious. Darkseid is a living concept created by Godwave from the Source, there is no way LSSJ Broly can even kill him, I get portraying MC being stronger than the Justice league but killing Darkseid xd, that's too much fanboying.  Why does MC keeps babysitting Supergirl and Raven like some insecure husband? Plus wasn't a Saiyan supposed to be attracted to strong personality woman, Example could be Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Poison IVY, Catwoman, Lady Shiva, Hawkgirl. How come he is paired with horny Kara and insecure Raven??? But I get it author favor those two which is not bad in itself. You can also focus on developing stories like MC partnering for different mission like with the Flash in Central City, or with Batman in Gotham or with Superman fighting some cosmic entities or with Wonder Woman fighting some gods. So much potential. MC revealing he is a reincarnator makes this a pain to read on further down the line. From the title of your fanfic I thought that this would be a fanfic of what a saiyan can actually do if he was in the DC comics instead of MC saiyan biasing a lot and ohh too much monologue

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    Status: chapter 04: thief

    First few chapters are boring about MC survival in a forest with monster.

    Fights are boring. Keep talking about power level. 

    Then I remembered how dragonball anime fights, and I dont feel like reading any more. The fight scene anime look ok due to the flashing images, reading it maybe boring.

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