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/ Series / To Hell and Back, Volume One: Survival
To Hell and Back, Volume One: Survival
To Hell and Back, Volume One: Survival
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Short description:
A Special Ops soldier is sent to Hell by mistake... while still alive. He must team up with a hyper-sexual Succubus to survive and start a rebellion to overthrow Satan.

Long description:
Behind every strong man there is a strong… demon?

As a half-blood Apache by birth and a professional soldier by choice, Logan Proud Bear thought he had been through hell in his life. Until he actually ended up there. Stripped of his memory but still very much alive, he must survive the world of demons and the damned long enough to achieve the impossible: To escape from Hell itself.

His only hope of success is an alliance with a beautiful and unpredictable Succubus. Only she can help him stay alive- if her fierce, sexual hunger doesn’t kill him first.

Together, they must challenge an ancient injustice as they gather some of history’s strongest women into a force that will reshape Hell itself.

Welcome to a realm of dark desires. An underworld where myth is reality and sex is both sin and salvation. The battle for the afterlife begins now.

"To Hell and Back, Book One: Survival" is officially available on Amazon Kindle. Book Two: Rebellion is in development and can be read and followed on Patreon at

Cosmic Wars Demons Folklore Handsome Male Lead Harem-seeking Protagonist Hell Modern Fantasy Nudity Philosophical Polygamy Power Couple Rebellion Religions Revenge Romantic Subplot Scheming Slow Growth at Start Soldiers Strategic Battles Strong Love Interests Succubus Survival Threesome Transported into Another World Unconditional Love
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      Status: chapter 29 – into the fire
      Sep 3, 2020

      I'm no bible basher, more of a tree hugger but yea... This story is really interesting and I'm looking forward to how it plays out :)

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