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Realms of Eas
Realms of Eas
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Title if this was a japanese web-/lightnovel: "This world was boring, so we decided to invade another one."

"Magic, some see it as an overused element in fictional works, others as a at least currently incomprehensible technology. Yet the very real truth is completely different. Magic is a phenomenon able to disregard the laws of thermodynamic and created by the soul through will and a mostly omnipresent, all-permeating light-like substance i shall call mana."
- Sarah Goldschmidt, A Comprehensive Introduction to Magic in the Modern World 1, 1st Edition, opening text

Yet at the time the book was published, the author was already gone.
Striving for a greater understanding of the world and magic, Sarah decided to ditch her old mana depleted world, a world which by itself seemed to oppose Sarah’s research into it's magical mysteries.
Hijacking a summoning, her journey together with her twin sister began. A journey through the Realms of Eas, a world of swords and magic.

What about her family? Not that they ever had a lot of presence in their life, though the two girls didn't dislike that fact.
Social connections? Sarah would prefer not to have those in the first place.
Modern technology? As if she couldn't replicate the most important items herself, if they didn’t exist.
Morals and modern values? The two discarded those a long time ago to survive, but also to advance.

This is a work of fiction created by the author and not the history of another universe recorded by a higher being.
Names, characters, organizations and events are definitely the product of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to similar entities, living, dead, existing, taken place or whichever other state may apply is purely coincidentally.
Opinions and actions of characters in this work don't represent the opinion of the author or not involved higher beings and are purely for entertainment.

Release schedule:
1 chapter/week, released Monday.
Additional chapters may appear whenever the stars align.

Cover Art created by Yunano; Twitter: @Yunano34a1
Cover Art (c) quazeryon (me)

Antihero Protagonist Calm Protagonist Cautious Protagonist Clever Protagonist Cold Protagonist Depictions of Cruelty Evil Protagonist Fantasy World Female Protagonist Game Elements Heterochromia Human Experimentation Level System Magic Multiple POV Multiple Realms Multiple Reincarnated Individuals Multiple Transported Individuals Reincarnated into a Game World Ruthless Protagonist Scheming Sword And Magic Transported into a Game World Twins
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      Status: c0

      i mean I already know I'm gonna like this before I start reading no romance female lead evile prog so many good bits only thing I dont like is multiple pov but thats probalby a good thing to have

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