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Clarreth Anderson

Father Clarreth Anderson is the youngest child of the late Lord of Bleakcairn, Marquess Dercin Anderson. After multiple incidents with drinking and gambling, his father gave him an ultimatum: either take the cloth or be disowned. Now an old man, he has long been away from alcohol, but the love for dice remains to this day.

Damian Olsen

Lord Damian Olsen became Duke of the Great Plains in 7,795 AU due to his father’s deteriorating health. He married Lady Margred Wynne the following year, and the two had their first child, Jonathan, on 7,830 AU. In total, the couple has six children together: Jonathan, Richard, Cari, Carian, Prydwen and Ariana.

Dene Yao

Dene Yao is the third child and first daughter of Jelani, Yao tribe’s last Chieftain, with concubine Akachi. She has more than a dozen half-siblings but only one full sibling, her sister Dandara. After the tribe’s defeat in 7,852 AU, she became a slave and was presented as a gift to House Olsen. Dene is the mother of John Yao with Jonathan Olsen, heir to the Great plains Duchy. 

Harrin Warrin

Ser Harrin Warrin was the second son of Earl Williard Warrin and served as a knight to House Olsen. He won third place at the King’s Tourney during his last year at the academy. He was killed by Dene Yao during the Grenfell Massacre. 

John Yao

John Yao, the reincarnation of John Freeman, is the story’s main character. Born in 7,857 AU, he is the son of Jonathan Olsen, heir to the Great plains Duchy, with Dene Yao, princess of the former Yao tribe from the southern desert.

Jonathan Olsen

Lord Jonathan Olsen is the first child of Lord Damian Olsen and Lady Margred Wynne. He is the heir to the Great Plains and John Yao’s father with Dene Yao. A renowned fighter, five times did Jonathan reach the King’s tourney finals in single combat, becoming champion in three of them.

Margred Olsen

Duchess Margred Olsen, née Margred Wynne is the wife of Lord Damian Olsen, Duke of the Great Plains. She is the third daughter and fourth child of Lady Dannia Wynne, Marchioness of Redcrossing and heiress to the Highlands Duchy. She married into House Olsen after her sister Alicia, who was the one arranged to marry Damian, was killed at the Battle of Ravenwood.

Williard Warrin

Lord Williard Warrin has been the Earl of Grenfell since 7,856 AU. In his youth, he had a short love affair with Breannei Tarre, who was betrothed and today is the Queen Mother. She gave him a golden ring before being taken away, and that was the last time they met. He lost a son and was gravely injured during the Grenfell Massacre.

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