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God’s Only Child
God’s Only Child
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(This is a satire/urban fantasy/sci-fi about mythology, conspiracy theories, and the supernatural.)
Guan Yu, Musashi, go make lunch!
Hades, Odin, become my little brothers!

This is how I was tricked into becoming a God in modern day Earth:
An old beggar said to me one day, "Please, become God! You must save this world!"
MC: "Crazy drunk beggar, no! Let go of me!"
Old beggar: "Then let me be your servant!"
MC: "I can't afford employee benefits."
Old beggar: "I'll wash your clothes, walk your dog, anything you want, free every day!"
MC: "It's a good deed to help the elderly. You just got hired as an rpg level grinder."

Then that old beggar flew into my head...and I somehow became a God and he became my General. Now the Illuminati are after me, the apocalypse is coming, and I'm just trying to collect ancient Gods and Generals as minions so they can work and I can play PUBG.

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyMartial ArtsMysterySci-fiSupernatural
Ability Steal Anti-social Protagonist Antihero Protagonist Average-looking Protagonist Carefree Protagonist Cautious Protagonist Clever Protagonist Cunning Protagonist Dense Protagonist Dishonest Protagonist Distrustful Protagonist Evil Gods God-human Relationship God Protagonist Goddesses Godly Powers Gods Lazy Protagonist Lucky Protagonist Magical Technology Overpowered Protagonist Playful Protagonist Selfish Protagonist Shameless Protagonist Sword And Magic
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      New Deathray11
      Status: c16
      Jul 29, 2020

      Hilarious. Made an account just to write this because this story is too good. The author is uploading many chaps a day so sometimes I just sit at my comp clicking refresh every 5 mins lol

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