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A story of vampires, witchcraft, and unexpected transformations! 21 year-old medical imaging tech Verne Vera was determined to beat his NVC before the neurovascular disease beat him. When Verne learned about an expensive anti-aging treatment called Juvechrome that just might do the trick, he knew it was his only shot at a cure. But Juvechrome was absurdly expensive - Verne couldn't afford the stuff, so he stole it. Surely, stealing an experimental drug from a shadowy tech corporation and administering it to himself couldn't lead to unforeseen consequences! Alas, I think you can probably guess what those consequences were.

ActionAdultGender BenderGirls LoveMaturePsychologicalSupernatural
Beautiful Couple Beautiful Female Lead Bisexual Protagonist Comedic Undertone Evil Organizations Male to Female Medical Knowledge Secret Organizations Vampires Weak to Strong Witches
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      Status: chapter forty: a vampire and...
      Oct 22, 2020

      A great story! Be warned that some of it is a bit depressing because of realism. Definitely a good read if you’re not afraid of a little tragedy.


      Has a “slightly” bittersweet end.


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