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Snows of Selene
Snows of Selene
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Things have just started settling down for Emma (née Marcus) Farrier, seven weeks after being mysteriously transported to Selene, a world of steam engines, political intrigue, and no men. However, when she throws herself into an entirely new environment far from the familiarity of Halflance Manor, she must face flesh-eating ghoul tribes, cunning Imperial Assassins, and the mystery of why she is on Selene at all. Will Emma be able to keep the peace between the Republic of Bluerose and the northern Durkahni queendoms? Or will she succumb to the darkness of the far north? And will she ever figure out that maybe she isn't as much of a man as she thinks she is?

Cover art by Chirichirichiri based on a design by Elamimax

ActionAdventureGender BenderIsekaiMatureSci-fi
Alternate World Awkward Protagonist Caring Protagonist Character Growth Clever Protagonist Comedic Undertone Curious Protagonist Death of Loved Ones Female Protagonist Helpful Protagonist Interdimensional Travel Male to Female Matriarchy Nightmares Proactive Protagonist Programmer Psychic Powers Sword Wielder Tomboyish Female Lead Transgender Transported into Another World Weak to Strong
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