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/ Series / Gift of the Unicorn
Gift of the Unicorn
Gift of the Unicorn
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4.8 (70 ratings)
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Randel comes across an injured unicorn while hunting and gives the creature first aid, unintentionally spilling its blood all over himself. Returning to his village, he is overcome by a sudden terrible illness and wakes up having been transformed into a woman! Now she's trying to get on with his life the best she can, but between her unsupportive father and the estrangement of her friends, the only person she can rely on is the eccentric local witch and her apprentice. Will Randel be able to cope for long enough to find a cure, assuming she even wants one?

DramaFantasyGender BenderSlice of LifeSupernatural
Aggressive Characters Archery Character Growth Childhood Friends Discrimination Family Conflict Hunters Identity Crisis Magic Magic Beasts Male to Female Medieval Timid Protagonist Transgender
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      Status: 14. free bird

      Do yourself a favor and read this story! 

      Randel’s journey is a wonderful tale of accepting who you are, and finding the strength to be that person in the face of adversity. 

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      Status: --

      I thought this was a pretty good series, definitely paced better than your Take A Wish series. You subverted some of my expectations of the whole "sweet and sentimental" trans genre too, like not only avoiding making the best friend her eventual bf but letting him be one of her main antagonists. That was neat. I also want to give you credit for not making her dad as extravagantly transphobic as the parents in your other story that I read. I thought his hypocrisy and two-faced "acceptance" was realistic as hell. Daddy was definitely bringing some Heidi Heitkamp loser lib energy, something a lot of trans people can say they're very familiar with. Nice job.
      edit: meant to give this a 4 - sorry

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