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Myriad Life
Myriad Life
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Living life as a mortal, having a stable income and family love. Everything was going great for him, his life was filled with happiness and satisfaction.

He had a lovely wife and a cute daughter who wished to be like him. His life had purposes, his life had meanings.

But fate was never a benevolent force, due to predestinated destiny, his ordinary life was forcefully snatched away by the supernatural force above mortals’ control.

How could he live peacefully in this chaotic world where strength reigned supreme?

ActionAdventureFantasyMartial ArtsMatureMysteryPsychologicalSupernaturalTragedy
Apathetic Protagonist Appearance Changes Appearance Different from Actual Age Artifacts Calm Protagonist Cautious Protagonist Cold Protagonist Couple Growth Cruel Characters Cunning Protagonist Dark Depictions of Cruelty Manipulative Characters Mature Protagonist Previous Life Talent Reincarnation Romantic Subplot Ruthless Protagonist Strength-based Social Hierarchy Sword And Magic Tragic Past Wizards
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