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/ Series / The Final Downfall [Inter-Universal Protectors: Book 2]
The Final Downfall [Inter-Universal Protectors: Book 2]
The Final Downfall [Inter-Universal Protectors: Book 2]
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An old enemy returns from the enteral darkness. The race is on.

Amneris Topanga and Colt Kymmer were lost in the Battle on Tylwaerdreath, falling into the Chasm of Nightmares where they have been trapped ever since. Together, they must break from their prisons of nightmares and past terrors to re-join their Lyriumian allies in time to stop the release of Enliatu from the Void.

* * * * * * * *

Things aren't going well for the Court of Lyriumia. The Terpolites are ahead in the race for the items. Worse still, Tara managed to retrieve the conduit to the Photon Core from Amneris before she fell! Now, not only do they have to get ahead in the race, but they have to find and free both Amneris and Colt. Only no one has ever managed to escape the Chasm of Nightmares before.

Balance is shifting, the rules are breaking, and the threat is worsening.

Will they stop Tara and her followers in time?

[This is my original work and I have made it available on Wattpad, Inkitt, Royal Road, and Scribble Hub]

Adventurers Aliens Artifacts Cosmic Wars Female Protagonist God Protagonist Goddesses Godly Powers Magic Spirits Wars
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Table of Contents 68
  1. Chapter 63May 14, 2022
  2. Chapter 62May 7, 2022
  3. Chapter 61Apr 30, 2022
  4. Chapter 60Apr 23, 2022
  5. Chapter 59Apr 16, 2022
  6. Chapter 58Apr 9, 2022
  7. Chapter 57Apr 1, 2022
  8. Chapter 56Mar 25, 2022
  9. Chapter 55Mar 18, 2022
  10. Chapter 54Mar 11, 2022
  11. Chapter 53Mar 4, 2022
  12. Chapter 52Feb 25, 2022
  13. Chapter 51Feb 18, 2022
  14. Chapter 50Feb 11, 2022
  15. Part 4Feb 11, 2022
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